Friday, July 19, 2013

Country Sampler Fall Issue

 Little did I know when I started on this blog journey it would lead me to here.  I started on that journey because my father had died and I was trying to cope with that event.  My father had long influenced me on love of old, growing up being surrounded by antiques dad would find and sell.  Along the way I have meant some amazing and very talented bloggers that have become very special friends.  At this point I would like to thank Betty Crowe, if it had not been for Betty you would not be seeing my home in this magazine.  Betty got in touch with the photographer who had done her pictures for Country Sampler.  Bill visited my blog and asked if I would like to submit pictures to the editor. Well a little hesitate I thought, ok might be interesting to do, didn't think I had a shot at getting in Country Sampler, but the editor liked what she saw.  It actually started out being an everyday shoot, but they contacted me to see if I decorated for fall, if so could I resubmit pictures, one of their fall houses had fallen through.  Well the editor liked what she saw, so back last November Bill and Gloria showed up to take the pictures, they were so nice to work with.
Here are a few pictures you will find in the fall issue, due to hit the newstands around August 1st. 
The first picture is of my living room, favorite place just to sit with my coffee or tea and look at decorating ideas.  When they took this picture, they just loved how the light came into this room.
 My kitchen, little more prim than the other room, just love a more rustic look in here.  Punch tin pie safe and old large bucket bench, my favorite pieces.
This is another shot of my living room, love the old blue cupboard.  OK you can tell I like lots of cupboards, standing and hanging, one of my favorite things to collect.  My other favorite is the large cupboard made by a longtime friend of mine husband, Dan Scott, bought from Laura Scott many years ago, he does such a fine job in creating his pieces.  The island in the kitchen was custom made by Dan and he also did a cabinet for my sink in the bathroom, just very talented, his pieces have always made my house look so good.  Just a little taste of the fall issue, lots more pictures in there and the article that Lisa Sloan wrote, just tells my story so well.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed getting it ready for fall issue of Country Sampler.  I would like to thank all you who take the time to stop by for a visit from time to time, I enjoy reading all your comments, they mean a lot to me.  Everyone have a great weekend.  Hugs Vicky

Friday, July 12, 2013

Love of Old, Charleston, SC

Well hubby and I decided to take advantage of extra time off around the 4th and hit the road for another trip to my favorite place to go and unwind, Charleston, SC.  The pictures above are just some of the many things I love about that place.  Walking around through the many streets, takes you back in time.  I just love the old houses, the little small court yards filled with flowers and of course the antique shops, yes I have new goodies, will share a few things later.  We usually go down this time of the year sometime, our 35th wedding anniversary will be on Monday the 15th, where does time go, seems like yesterday.  I usually pick up a cake for our anniversary and the kids will be here to share a piece with us, can't wait to see Oliver, I am sure he will love eating cake this year, he was too little last year.  Just wanted to share with you some of what I have been up to lately.  I have been working on a few fall items, and trying to get things ready for the upcoming school year, I will be starting to keep Oliver again the first of August, been missing the little guy.  The fall issue also should be coming in the mail soon, can't wait to see how they have laid everything out, it will be interesting to see and how they put the story together.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, been getting lots of rain here, we need a dry spell.  Take care Vicky