Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Decorating, Anniversary, Oliver and Bee Stings

Fall is my favorite time of the year to decorate, the warm hues and rustic appearance looks so good with primitives.  When I went up to The Rusty Relic this time she had been making these makedo chairs, I just love them, been seeing them in magazines, they look so good with a primitive setting.  In this chair I added an old quilt, a pumpkin doll I had gotten from The Red Cupboard, and  the fall sampler I just picked up from Jennifer at Taylors Farmhouse Attic, I really enjoyed meeting a fellow blogger that day.  This grouping looks really good in front of this stepback cabinet.

This very large fireplace is in our den, I just love how rustic it looks, it goes all the way to the ceiling. 
 Another closeup of the makedo chair, and yes I have already bought another one that is a little different.
 Here is a close up of the old stepback cabinet, love how the fall items adds to the old charm of the cabinet.  I love the pinkeep with the pumpkin on top and of course just a few of my many pumpkins.
 This is in the top part of the cabinet, it is so dark in this cabinet and it sits in a corner, so I try to use a little color when I decorat it.  I love to collect boxes, gameboards, winders, and my favorite dolls.
 Picture of that corner, love the sampler, picked it up at The Rusty Relic, looks nice with the fall items.
This small white chest, which I love sits across from that stepback cabinet, I do a lot of my sewing here in the den, I use this chest to hold some of my sewing needs.  I found this goat at Nanbrook Farm last spring, took the turnip out and added the pumpkins, will be a great piece to use for each season.
 The door going into the den, I love this basket, I change it out with the season.  Makes a nice festive touch.
 I was having trouble loading pictures this morning somehow got the fireplace picture in twice.

I love pumpkins, my favorite, started collecting them a couple of years ago.  This collection is from my trip Primitve Gatherings shop over the past few years.  I put them in my favorite basket I had gotten from my aunt, added some bittersweet, another one of my favorite things to use for fall decorating.

 I have started finding old kegs, peels, oil cans and old farm tools, one of my dads favorite things to collect .
 I had to have one of the pumpkin guys I kept seeing this year, picked this one up at Nanbrook Farm.
Wanted to show a few pictures of my big boy now, we think he weighs around 10 lbs now, good baby.
 My husband Steve holding Oliver last night, this is were the bee stings comes in.  We have a lawn care business and yesterday while cutting grass, hubby ran over a bee nest with his lawn mower, he has 20 bee stings, yes he is in pain today, other than that he is alright.
 Grandma holding Oliver, he is so much more alert now, watches everything.  He will be 5 months old Sunday.  His development stage is that of a 2 month old since he was born 3 months early.  He has therapy every week, this will go on until he is 3.  They say he is right were he should be, not having any problems.  His eyes have corrected themselves and his head scan was fine.  Just a growing happy little boy that sleeps all night.  I will start keeping him 2 days a week starting the first week in November when Brandi goes back to work, she teaches 5K.
 Here he is trying to help mommy open her gift, we helped the kids celebrate their first wedding anniversary last night. Forgot to take a picture of the gift, I had gotten her 2 more place settings of her china she wanted.
 My youngest son Chris with Brandi and little Oliver, they make a really nice little family.  Oliver was taking a little nap at the time.  My oldest son Justin didn't get to come he is in Texas with a couple of friends.
 Of course we had to have cake.  It has always been a big tradition for hubby and me to have a cake at every anniversary.  So we are starting one for the kids.  Their anniversary is Oct. 1st., they are taking Oliver and heading to the coast.  Going to one of my favorite places, Charleston, S.C.  perfect place to take the baby and stroll him around the old town with its many old houses and gardens.
 Love Oliver's socks, he has lots of them, so many colors and styles.  He just happened to be awake here.
 The Peek a Boo shirt my husband's aunt just sent him, Brandi just loves the little ghost on it.
A quiet moment, my son holding his son, just perfect.  Hope you enjoyed a little taste of my fall decorating, next week I will have more pictures, I am waiting on a couple fall items I had ordered.  Its going to feel more like fall here, its going from around 80 today to the mid 60's saturday and low 40's at night, need to get my sweaters out of the cedar chest.  Everyone have a great weekend, I am going pumpkin and mum shopping.  Take care, Hugs  Vicky

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall at Settler's Crossin

 Last saturday I hit the road again in search for fall items, this time my sister Lisa went with me on my adventure.  Just love the scarecrow outside of Ann's shop.  I have seen some really interesting fall scarecrow's this time in going around to the different shops.
 Love the pumpkin couple, she had lots of nice different pumpkins also, some really nice fall displays. I have this pumpkin thing, can't seem to get enough pumpkins.  Just got another order of pumpkins from Marie, and Wanda from Gatherings is sending me a lot of pumpkins.
 More fall displays in an old cupboard, love the cat hanging over the edge and the little pumpkin guy on top.
 Ann has some really interesting old items in her shop, so much to look at, I usually go around 4 or 5 times, always seeing something I had missed before.  I had picked up some really great brown crocks this time.  OK I have to be honest I was just here the week before.  Lots of great treasures, saw lots more I would love to have.
 One of the highlights of the day was meeting Jennifer of Taylor's Farmhouse Attic.  Really sweet person, and of course had to have one of her fall sampler's. already found the perfect spot for it.
 Love this old table, just lots of really nice fall displays among her items of old, Ann has really good taste.
I thought this display was so cute, the group of turkeys made out of wood, and of course the sign says it all.  Hope you enjoyed your little peek into Settler's Crossin, if you are ever in the neighbor, drop by and pay Ann a visit, I know I will be going back.  Hope to get some of my fall decorating on my blog this week.  Right now I am knee deep in snowmen and other items for the christmas open houses coming up at the girls shops in N.C. they will be on Novemer 5th.  Everyone have a great week,  Hugs  Vicky

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oliver's First Fall Open House

 Brandi and I took Oliver and hit the road last saturday to attend 4 fall decorated shops.  Oliver decided he was going to sleep through the whole trip, just woke up enough to eat.  Here he is at Nanbrook's Farm open house with his new hat on, he was dressed in his overall's just perfect for the fall open house's.
We stopped at The Rusty Relic, she was just starting to put out her fall items, her open house is today.
 I just love the corn guy's this year, had to have one for my fall decorating.  Will be posting my fall decorating pictures later.
 Just love the pumpkin guys, one of my favorite things to decorate with, they really make great items for decorating.  I actually made the Purcee the pumpkin guy.
Another item I made is the scarecrow, and the pumpkin couple, love the black cabinet, really nice displays.
 Here we are in front of Nanbrook farm, just love the scarecrow, and the front porch of Amy's front porch to her cabin shop.
 Another view of her porch area, very inviting, love the cornstalks she used and the gourds, bought a lot of them last year to use in my decorating.
 We stopped at Country Heart to visit with Ann and see what kind of interesting decorating ideas she had and of course goodies to take home.  Love the ghost with the centerpiece on the table.
 Ann had some really nice displays throughout her shop, love all the berry vines, the black dress is really nice.
 She had all kinds of items for your fall and halloween decorating ideas, so much hard to choose which ones.
 Here we are back at Nanbrook Farm, don't know how these pictures got out of order, love the scarecrow wreath.
 Another area in that shop, corn guys were popular this year, really nice display, great ideas for fall.
 Love the big wagon in the back room, the scarecrow added just the right touch with the fall flowers, gourds and the crow. 
Love the pumpkin people, infact I bought the pumpkin guy, he is in my den, will show pictures of my fall decorating later, still tweaking a few things here and there.  Well that is just a few of the many pictures I took, we also went by Slinter-in-Rags, didn't get any pictures there, Oliver woke up and needed to eat, so I finished my shopping while she fed him. I did get a hooked pumpkin runner and some fabric pumpkins there.  It was a perfect day, weather just great and little Oliver was the best baby through it all, didn't mind being in and out of the car. He did wake up briefly at the last shop, everyone seemed to enjoy meeting Oliver.  Well need to get back to sewing, I am starting the winter items now, all the girls open houses will be November 5th, so lots to do in so little time.  Just love doing it, so many thing I would love to create.  Will be posting my fall decorating pictures soon.  Everyone take care and have a great weekend.  Hugs Vicky