Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oliver turns one

Last Saturday the whole family got together to walk for babies in the March of Dimes Walk.  Brandi had formed a team called Team Huckababy since our last name is Huckaby.  Oliver seemed to enjoy the day, him and his cousin Jonah enjoyed being pulled along the trail in a wagon.  It was a great turn out over 375,000 dollars had been raised for the event.
Here I am at the finish line with Oliver and my hubby Steve and oldest son Justin, he is holding Brandis sister baby, Jonah, he actually turns 9 months old today, Oliver and Jonah are exactly 3 months apart. It was a great walk that day, 3.5 miles, but it was cloudy and a little cool that morning.
 Here Oliver is with his parents and his uncle Justin and Jonah, he seemed to be interested in something else.
Ok he seems to interested in the balloons, and there is the wagon they both rode in that morning, looking forward to next year, it is really a good cause,  having gone through everything with Oliver since he came 3 months early.  And speaking of Oliver, today marks his first birthday, yes one year ago today we got an early surprise Oliver came early.  Not knowing when we arrived at the hospital that night that a blessing would be coming to us that night.  So tonight at 7:49 Oliver will be 1 year old, and like I do when my kids turn another age I call them at the time they were born to tell them they have arrived.  Chris, Oliver's dad, seems to get a kick out of me calling, Justin, just says gee mom thanks for reminding me I am getting older.  I just tell them its a mom thing, just go with it.  So every year from now on little Oliver with get a call from his nana telling him he has just been born.  What a blessing children are.  Hugs to all, Vicky