Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Country Sampler looking for a few good houses

Hi everyone, yes I know I fell off blogland again, where does time go.  I will get into what I have been doing later, but first I have had a little secret, I was asked to submit pictures of my home to Country Sampler Magazine back in the spring.  Well the editor picked my house for a photo shoot, so they will be coming all the way from Kansas, so they are looking for a few more homes to do along the way.  I know there are lots of you girls who have fantastic houses and who know how to decorate them.  You all have seen the type of houses they use in their magazine.  If this is something that you would be interested in doing all you have to do is email me with your name and phone number so I can give it to either the stylist or the photographer and they will get in touch with you about the details of submitting pictures to them for the editor to see.  Believe me your house does not have to be perfect, mine certainly isn't.  Infact when they were wanting me to submit my pictures I had just moved four rooms of furniture around and things where still in boxes and I was in the middle of tax season with all my paper work everywhere.  I had to move boxes out of the way, take the pictures and shove them back, so everything does not have to be perfect, lots of things needs doing at my house.  So here is my email address  greencreekprimitives@hotmail.com please email if you are interested or if you know of others you can ask.  I wanted to add a couple of pictures today, but the computer had a mind of its own and wouldn't let me.  So I will try to put up a few pictures later of what I have been doing this summer, gardening, bridal tea party, helping with a wedding and of course a little summer decorating with summer blues, and I am knee deep in fall handmades, pumpkins and pumpkin folk everywhere. And of course Oliver is growing like a weed, will have some pictures of him at the wedding.  Everyone take care,  thanks for all your help, Hugs Vicky