Emma Rabbit is a Kentucky  Prims pattern, she is 21" tall, just love her hair, kindly asking 29.00 plus her travel.

Caddish Rabbit is a Catnap Prims pattern, he measures 17" tall and sits on an old bobbin, kindly asking 25.00 plus his travel.

These two rabbits make this old measuring tin a very special display, a couple of carrots add just the right touch.  Kindly asking 35.00 plus travel.

This rabbit stole my heart, meet Willie and he is taking a nap, he is a Kentucky Prims pattern, he is 15" in sitting position, kindly asking 25.00 plus his travel.

Meet the Carrortfields, a Kentucky Prims pattern, they are 12" tall, look great in a cupboard.  Kindly asking 29.00 plus travel.

Mom and Me is a Catnap Prims pattern, they are 16 and 10" tall, I have used a very old worn quilt for their aprons with some sweet annie tucked in.  Kindly asking 35.00 for the pair plus their travel.

Meet Henry James, he is a Blue Moon Beginnings pattern, he is 22" tall with his little black rabbit, kindly asking 39.00 plus travel.

Just in time for spring, meet Olde March Hare, he is ready for kite flying season, with his little rabbit in his pouch.  I just love making black rabbits, my favorite thing to make, well other than pumpkins.  Kindly asking 59.00 plus travel

Ester rabbit has always been one of my favorite rabbits to make, she is a Veenas Mercantile pattern, she is 28" tall, added a little bag filled with sweet annie, perfect for hanging.  Kindly asking 59.00 plus travel.

Old Man Rabbit is also a Veenas Mercantile pattern, he is a very large black rabbit, 34" tall, he can hang or sit.  Kindly asking 69.00 plus travel.  If you see any of these items you would like to purchase, please contact me at greencreekprimitives@hotmail.com
Please make sure you have the item name and send me your address so I can figure shipping.  Right now I am only taking checks, not set up for paypal yet. Wishing each of you a very happy spring season, I know I am ready for some warmer weather with lots of sunshine.  Vicky


  1. Vicky all your Rabbits are prim adorabe!!! Wish I could buy one right now, but not possible.

  2. Vicky, You have been a busy girl!! Love them all! I don't know what's with me this year... not feeling bunnies... you would think i would be after the long winter... I don't think I am going to put mine out... bad girl! OLM