Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Blog

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know there is a new blogspot.  The Rusty Relic in Dallas, N.C. has started a blogspot.  I had pictures of there shop a while back, they have the best primitive shop full of goodies.  If you have time stop by and welcome Teresa and Summer, their blog is  Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.  Hugs  Vicky

Thursday, May 26, 2011


What in the heck is wrong with blogger, I still can't leave a comment, I am not a happy camper right now.  This has been going on now for three days, I miss communicating with everyone.  There has been lots of good post this week and I can't leave a comment.  OK, my Irish temper is starting to peek out, well everyone I have been enjoying your post, there will be a celebration going on over here when I can comment again. LOL  Everyone have a great holiday weekend, I will be in my flower beds and my oldest son, Justin, flower beds helping him get his in before it gets to hot.  Take care  Vicky

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Having blogger problems

Seems like I am not the only one having problems leaving comments.  It has happened several times today, I have been on several blogs and I can't leave a comment.  Just wanted to say I have been enjoying everyone's post today, just can't leave you a comment.  Hopefully they will correct it soon.  Vicky

Yesterday's Child

The theme this week for the display chain is Yesterday's Child hosted by Amy for Misi.  My shoe collection has a story behind it.  When I was a very little girl I loved my shoes so much my mother said I would take them to bed with me.  It didn't change as I grew, love shoes, I have a closet full, I don't take them to bed with me anymore though, LOL.  But I love to collect the little high button shoes, wondering who wore them, and who they were handed down to.

My little tea set I had as a child, not sure were the little sugar bowl went.

My panda bear I slept with every night, just waiting for Oliver to enjoy it when he comes to stay.

My  rocking horse Sparkie, the base is long gone, but he looks just perfect at the foot of the bed in Oliver's room.

The little purse I had when I was little, it went with a little red coat with the same fur trim.  Just a few of my collections from childhood.  Today at 6:35 am my youngest son Chris, Oliver's dad, turned 29 year old.  It just seems like yesterday when he was a child, now he has one of his own.  Oliver is doing fine, weighs 2 lbs. 12 ozs.  and really likes to move around a lot, they have videos of him now.  One of these days we will be able to look back on Oliver's childhood and the many memories that were made.  Vicky

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Care Package

A care package arrived in the mail today from Lil Raggedy Angie, she knew I was going through a lot with Oliver being in the hopital and she had noticed I had been a little quite  in blogland.  Even Princess had sent me a cupcake picture to brighten my day, she is so sweet and cute.  Decided to hang her art work on my fridge, perfect place.

More goodies for my kitchen, love the pantry cake, will look perfect under my little fly screen.  There were spoons, and a little sugar cone, always wanted one. 

Love the little blessing pillow, the little crow, the table runner and candle, will have to find the perfect place for all these goodies.

She even sent a few items for Olivers room.  Can't wait to start on Olivers room, the little sheep will look just perfect in there.  I love the little flowers, and the eggs also, just lots of really neat goodies.  I have been blessed to have so many friends I have met through my blog, you all have been so kind whenever I post things about Oliver, my handmades, gardens and my decorating, thanks to Lil Raggedy Angie, Princess and to all of my friends, I have been blessed for having met each and every one of you.  Hugs Vicky

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meet Baby Oliver

Oliver Quinn Huckaby now weighs 2 lbs. 4 ozs.  and is 14 3/4 long.  He is now off the ventilator, hope to have new pictures soon.  He is taking medicine for the whole in his heart that did not close up at birth, hope it will help without having to go in and close it.  But he is doing fine, since they have pulled all the tubes his is sucking on his fingers and the other day he lifted up his head and turned it over.  Yep he thinks he is a big boy at 2 weeks old.

Meet my youngest son Chris, can't believe he is a daddy, this time 29 years ago we were waiting on him to come, his birthday is May 24th.  Just love this picture of him holding little Oliver with his little blue hat on.

Brandy, my daughter-in-law, you would just love her, I am so glad she is a part of this family, and Oliver is blessed to have her for a mother.  They just make a sweet little family together, Oliver seems to be enjoying the holding.  The next pictures should be without all the tubes, they just pulled those on Tuesday night.  Thank you again for your concerns, prayers and most of all you friendship.  Vicky

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birds, Bees and Flowers is the display chain this week

Amy at Bumble Bee Lane is hosting Misi's display chain this week, subject is birds, bees and flowers.  This is one of my favorite little fabric birds I have collected.

A little green bird on a pinkeep.

Love this little black checked bird pinkeep, it is filled with birdseed.

The little red floral bird pinkeep adds that special touch with the blue I am starting to display for summer.

My oakleaf hydragea is just starting to bloom.

New salvia I just planted called Hot Lips. I love the splash of color it gives to the garden.

This is a small triangle bed next to the road, it has become really lush with plants over the years.  Here some of my foxgloves are blooming, one of my favorite plants.  Behind them is an area of daylilies, and the new stepping stones I was just starting to lay that day, they have dragonflies on them.

This area has been a challenge, it gets some shade, here are some bearded tongue that seems to like it here.  Love the little chair I found, bee skep and bird house, I think items like this add so much to a garden.

This front large bed has lots of different plants, always trying to keep different things blooming all season long.  Here some tickseed, my husbands favorite, and some more of my foxgloves.  Things are just started blooming here good, I have lots of phlox, yarrow, bellflowers,lavender and lobelia that are up and should soon be blooming.  Still working on putting in more plants and redoing areas of my garden my  favorite thing to do this time of the year, gardening.  My favorite sign I have in my garden reads, "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."   Blessings, Vicky

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Spirit of Country book arrived today

Just got my new Judy Condon book out of the mailbox, and it is fantastic.  Lots of blues and red, really neat ideas for summer decorating.   I think it is coffee break time, can't wait to go through the book and get new ideas, I feel the need for redecorating the house coming on.  Everyone have a great week.  Little Oliver is doing great, they took the light off of him and he loves sleeping on his stomach now with a little frog laying on his head, haven't seen the frog yet, but my son says he likes it and it keeps him calm. Hoping to get him off the ventilaor soon and start feeding him her milk.  Thanks again for your concerns and prayers. Vicky

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Display chain is Spring Cleaning

Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane is hosting Misi's display chain this week.  Here are a few of my whisk broom collection.

And of course you will need an apron and some rug beaters.

I have several of these measuring tins I have collected for years.  They say on them for household use only.

Another one of my many scrub boards I have collected, so glad I don't have to use one to do laundry.

Two more of my scrub boards and one of my favorite advertising boxes.

I found this perfect little white chippy painted shelf for my many cleaning items I have found over the years.  The clorox bottle and  a  little lysol  bottle,  and a small measuring tin.  Well just a few items I have on hand for days gone by cleaning.  Sure glad things are simpler now.  Hope to one day have a nice laundry room done in my collections.  Thanks for dropping by,  Vicky

Oliver turns one week old

Well Oliver turned one week old on Monday, he is up to 2 lbs. 3 ozs.  On  Mothers Day Brandi got a very special gift, her and my son got to hold Oliver all afternoon, that little bundle of joy just nestled under their chin and seemed to enjoy every minute of it.  I just could only imagine how Brandi must of felt holding him for the first time.  He is doing pretty good for a little guy, hope to get him off the ventilator soon.  Babies born before 32 weeks run a high risk of brain bleeds, but the doctors really didn't think Oliver was going to have a real problem with that since he hadn't shown any signs of having that.  On Monday they did a brain scan, the range is 1 - 4, four being the number you don't want.  Oliver's came back a 4, the doctors were shocked, he seems to be bleeding on his right side of his brain.  They are going to be doing another scan this week to see if the bleeding has stopped.  What this means for Oliver they don't know, it could be some developmental problem to cerebral palsy they want know until he gets bigger, just hoping since he has been a fighter up until now, he will over come this problem and it will not effect him too much.... I got to visit Oliver yesterday, just standing their over him all I saw was a tiny little bundle of joy, stretching his little legs and his little knees wrinkling up, moving his little arms and hands, and moving that adorable little mouth.  Know we don't know what the outcome will be in the future for Oliver, what I do know it will be met with unconditional love from his parents and grandparents.  And we will always be grateful for that little blessing that has entered our lives.  Thanks again for all your concerns and prayers,  will keep you udated on Olivers progress.  Vicky

Friday, May 6, 2011


Just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments, congratulations and prayers you sent, they meant alot to me during this long rough week. Little Oliver is still doing really well, they had to put him back on the ventilator but they said that was to be expected, little ones like that will go up and down.  I got to see him for the first time thursday afternoon, just so tiny laying there, doesn't like the nurse messing with him at all.  They had to give him something to calm him down, when the shift would change they said he would go wild from the noise.  Brandi went home yesterday, so now it will be alot of going back and forth, they don't live to far from the hopital, just getting into a little routine of taking Oliver milk, will be able maybe to bottle feed him in about a month.  Just can't wait to get my hands on him.  Thanks again you have made my week just knowing I have very supportive women that care.  Hugs, Vicky

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grandbaby Oliver born 3 months early

Unexpectedly Monday night I get a call from my son Chris, they are at the hospital going to have some test run after they had an ultrasound that afternoon that had shown up something they needed to look into further.  The baby's heart had actually flat lined  at one time and that's when they decided to take him.  They said he was fighting to stay alive.  Oliver Quinn Huckaby was born at 7:49 pm weighing in at 1 lb. and 14 ounces.  The problem seem to the the placenta was too small and he just wasn't getting what he needed to grow.  The doctor said his lungs were good and he was given a 90 % survival rate.  Yesterday they had even taken him off the ventilator, and was doing really well.  This morning they had put him back on the ventilator after they found some fluid on his lungs.  The doctor said there will be times when he will be up and down.  Oliver is a long baby with long fingers and toes and dark hair.  My son took a video of him just a moving around.  Brandi seems to be recovering really well and see got to see Oliver for the first time last night, I can't wait to go up and see him soon.  They said he will be there until sometime the middle of July.  Hopefully he will start gaining weight and get past this problem with his lungs.  Just wanted to let everyone know about him arriving early, will keep you udated.    Vicky