Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Summer Kitchen

I thought I would share some of my summer decorating of my kitchen, I will be taking down all of this in about a week to get ready for painting, finally going to paint those kitchen cabinets I have been talking about doing for years, just a big job, haven't been done in about 25 years, just need to have a little something different, so out the white cabinets go, will share finished kitchen with you later.  We are planning on a new floor and appliances, wish I could push out a few walls, need more space, you know for all my stuff.  I will probably be displaying fall items in my new kitchen when I post pictures again I usually start putting up fall in August.  Hope you enjoy my little tour of my summer kitchen.

I just love the this end of my kitchen, it is very prim, great shelf to display seasonal items.

The old chair was used in a wagon, had gotten it from my aunt.  The punch tin lantern I have just gotten, love how it looks in this corner and my favorite thing I have ever found is the old tool used for syrup preparation, hard to find really good things like this anymore.

This old large bucket bench is one of my favorite finds.  The large brown bowl is old, the green one is a reproduction.  The rabbit I found a few years ago and she stands in my kitchen in the summer.

I love old advertising boxes, here I added a collection of old rolling pins and a doll I just love, she is a Cinnamon Creek doll with an advertising of fresh butter on her apron.

I sat this cabinet on my counter and this is usually where I have my laptop, love the robin, starting to collect birds.

I love green items, so I made a centerpiece for my island for summer using an old sap bucket which I added white flowers and blueberries branches, I had found these at a shop a few years ago and just love using them in arrangements for summer.  The butter crock belonged to my uncle, always will be very special.

Thought I would share my tin collection, usually try to find things in red.  I love to collect peanut butter containers, hard to find.  The coffee tin actually has a handle in the back and the two baking powder contains I love because they have the red labels.

This is a small hanging rack I have at the end of my counter, love to display seasonal towels on it, love the watermelon slice, just perfect for summer.  Hope you enjoyed my little tour, hopefully my kitchen will turn out the way I have planned it.  Hope everyone has a great summer, will share a few more pics of my summer decorating a little later, take care.  Vicky

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Early Work Mercantile June Update

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, just wanted to share a few items I now have up on Early Work Mercantile.  Love the Folk Art Sam, he is just perfect for summer decorating.

I love pin keeps, I have a large collection of them and I love making them, love the browns and blues used on this prairie doll pin keep.

Wanted to introduce you to my first Green Creek original pumpkin doll, Edna, she is ready to plant her pumpkin fields for the fall harvest.  She will be perfect to display now right on into the fall.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far, hubby and I have been working on the outside, finishing up my flower beds and finishing painting the house, will be glad when that is finished, just a couple more things to do, paint the shutters and add a colonial type light to my front porch.  I have decided to paint my sewing room and do a little more decorating in their, new material for curtains, will share some pictures when I have finished, been adding several new pictures around my house, I have done a little more colonial in a couple of my rooms.  I will be tackling the kitchen next month, been dreading that for years, but I need to paint the cabinets, walls and redo the floor.  All my appliances seem to be needing to be replaced all at once, of course it has been about 25 years since we have redone the kitchen, so hopefully it will get done this year, will share pictures when I am done.  Just trying to get a few things caught up while Oliver is spending time with his mom while she is off for the summer, she has been teaching 5k for several years, she will be going to a new school and teaching 2nd graders when school starts up again.  I will be back picking up kids again, Oliver will be going to 4k when school starts up, I haven't picked up kids in almost 20 years, were does time go.  Well just wanted to share what I have been sewing lately, some of you have asked when my fall items will be available, I will start having them up on Early Works Mercantile next month.  I will be back with a few pictures next week of what I have been doing in the house.  Everyone have a great weekend.  Vicky