Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bathroom Going Primitive

 Well I haven't fallen off the planet, its been a month since I posted, were does time go.  Hubby did give me his cold and it turned into a sinus infection, I am just getting back to feeling normal again.  I have been keeping Oliver and I am currently in the middle of rabbit season, the girls in N.C. will be having their spring open houses starting as early as March 3 rd, so my sister and I have been really busy creating, will show somethings we have been up to later.  We are even thinking of doing a little selling of our handmades here on the blog, will let you know more on that later.  The other thing I have been doing is taking my postage size bath, yes its that little, good thing I didn't have girls, we only have the one.  LOL  The last year I have really been going more primitive in my house, so the bathroom is in need of an update, so I thought I would do more primitve items in here.  It is just a start, we are redoing the bathroom floor, I am looking for a new light fixture, the shiny one has to go.  When I redid the bathroom 15 years ago I was into vintage, yes I didn't know what a primitve was, I saw alot in magazines, but none around here. So I am currently trying to decide what I need to do with the white mirror and the cabinet and other items in the room.  Here in this picture I added a pegrack for our towels and the little shelf I found at Nanbrook Farm a while back I dedided to hang here, not alot of wall space in here.  I hung samplers beside of it, they are actually behind the door when it is open, so I had to have something flat here.
 This area is on the opposite wall above the toilet area.  I just love the sign, it is actually what got the bathroom idea going.  The bottle's I collected from Nanbrook Farm, Amy had done a batch of them and I think I bought everyone she had, just love their vintage look.  And of course had to add one of my many pinkeeps I collect.  The little bottle I have had since I was young, I use to collect bottles going up in my father's antique shop.  The cabinet they are sitting on I think I am just going to add a little stain to it to darken it.
 This is a 4 ft. shelf about the toilet and sink area, more of the vintage bottles from Nanbrook.  The bottles in the old tool caddy, it actually has dry red paint on it, they are from my childhood collection, as are the other two smaller bottles sitting on the shelf.  Bird pinkeep is one of my favorites, sits on and old wood box.
 This is the other end, just added another vintage bottle, the little shelf with drawer I have had for years, love the old shampoo brush sitting on it and the scott tissue sampler on it.  More to come later on this bathroom redo.
 I can't believe Oliver will be 9 months old in a couple of days.  He was just full of himself that night at the supper table.  All my kids come for supper on thursday night, it is a nice family time to be together.

 What was going on that night was about Oliver loving his baby yogurt.  He just kept opening that mouth for more and bouncing up and down, he was just carried away.  Well finally there was no more, and he still had that mouth open, so Brandi just handed him the empty cup and then he decided he would just stick his tongue in it and try to get the last drop out.  Kids can be so funny.  A little update on Oliver, he now weighs 15 lbs. 1 oz. and is doing really well, they keep a close watch on him, he goes to the eye doctor in the morning for a check up.  Starting Thursday I will be taking him to therpy for his left arm, no major concern here, he uses it, but he doesn't seem to be using it like he should, doesn't usually reach for things with it, so they decided to start therpy to help him use it better, will keep you posted on that.
Thought I would share my bunny I had just gotten from Gatherings, yes can't stay off of  Wanda's blog, she has such a great shop.  I just love her, I love the primitive look, the twigs in her hand, her shawl wrapped aroung her shoulders and how her ears are bent, just perfect for my kitchen, where I spend so much time, LOL.  I am getting more in the mood for spring lately, going to be 70 the next three days, my plants are very confused, some of them already half way out of the ground.  So I am going to be piddling in the house, I am in the process of starting the great 3 room furniture shift, yes my hubby is so excited, LOL.  I was telling Brandi what my plans were one night and my oldest son Justin was listening and I was getting the look, of what are you doing and how does this involve me, just love him, always ready to help, but usually I get the question, didn't we just move that?  Well need to get a few things done before I go to work after lunch, getting ready for my aunt and sister and mom coming to lunch on fridays.  Since my father died, my Aunt Dottie comes most every friday for lunch at my moms, its been nice getting to know her better, she has always been my favorite aunt.  This week we decided to have it at my house, so trying to get rid of the dust bunnines, wished my handmade bunnies produced like my dust bunnies do, and get my house back in order, seems to get out of hand when I am sewing.  Everyone take care, will have some pictures of things I just gotten, little dolls, bonnets, pinkeeps and new lighting soon.  Hugs Vicky