Thursday, February 20, 2014


Oliver had his first haircut last weekend, seemed really interested in driving the race car, really neat idea to entertain kids while cutting their hair.
Oliver wasn't real sure when she started cutting around his ears, but he loves his new big boy haircut, he is growing so fast can't believe he will be 3 in a couple of months.  Vicky


Thought I would share a picture of Oliver from last weeks snow, we got around 8 inches with some sleet, this Oliver's first big snow, seemed to really enjoy it.  So with school out most of last week Oliver and his mom got to play in the snow, notice the snowman is wearing a Oliver hat.   This week is a different story it was 77 yesterday and will be in the mid 70's again today, you just never know from week to week, I have flowers budding already, I can't wait for spring, have spring fever really bad, actually went a couple of weeks ago and pulled out my spring box and pulled some tulips out and put around the house, made a real difference.  Working on some spring rabbits back soon with an update.  Everyone take care, VickyAdd caption