Friday, March 15, 2013


My new shelves that is, not me.  No I am actually feeling better, especially after my quick trip up to Kingsport, TN yesterday.  It was a very cold windy day, and yes I did have a headache, just learning to deal with them, but other than that it was a really nice trip.  Love seeing all the rolling hills in the mountains starting to put on their green coat of grass and the rivers running along side the road, water was a little rough with the wind blowing and yes we did see some snow still laying around in a few places.  OK lets get to the good part, the shopping.  Well when we got to Bonnie's shop,  she had the coffee pot on and had stopped and picked up doughnuts for us to enjoy with the hot coffee, it just hit the spot from coming in from the cold wind.  I really enjoy not only coming up to see what she has gotten in her shop, but I get to spend time with her catching up on what has been going on with her and her family.  Just a really nice time spent talking and shopping all morning.  Don't you just love these blues, everytime I open a magazine and see blue stuff I start drooling.  Well I thought I had found blue heaven yesterday, I actually bought all her blue pieces.  Wanted to add in more color to my primitive decor, especially since the spring and summer months are coming.  Also found a few bunnies to bring home, yes bunnies are starting to multiply in my house.  I had gotten down my one and only spring/summer box down, yes that is all I had, I realized I had not collected much for the up coming months, so here was my chance.  I have already a place for the long shelf, it will go in my bedroom with my primitive clothes hanging on it.  The box with the drawer, like a letter tray will go on my table with a spring display, already been playing with it.  The others, well you just never know where it might end up, thats part of the fun in decorating, will share pictures when I get it all arranged.
 This is one area I have already started on, this corner of the living room next to the dining room use to have the large wardrobe here, I moved it into my sewing room.  Now this nook is used for a sitting area after dinner as others might be finishing up there coffee and dessert, just perfect for someone to sit here and still be part of the dining room area.  This area was also featured in the upcoming fall issue of CS, but it will be different, I have changed this area.  Oliver and I sit here and read also, you can see the little bunny I bought Oliver, I just love hearing him say carrots, after I ask him what bunnies eat.
 Just a close view, folded a little quilt, added a box, little basket with eggs in it, little bird for spring.
Love this spring display, the sampler was stitched by Jenn at taylors farmhouse attic, just love her stuff, just received a new one today from her, can't wait to get out.  My other favorite thing is the little blue box with the bunny in it, just too cute.  Well I have just started on my spring house, will share other pictures as I get them up.  I have also just had the phone interview with the writer this morning that will be doing my aritcle for Country Sampler, I received the pictures the other day, really turned out well, well all but one, my picture, I looked old and tired looking, well actually I feel that way lately, LOL, oh well it is what it is.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, will be in the mid-70's here saturday, yeh, can't wait, going to be decorating and piddling away with my stuff, you know that fun stuff we get to do from time to time.  Hugs Vicky

Monday, March 4, 2013

Oliver's First Snow

 Wanted to drop by this cold morning and show a couple of pictures of Oliver enjoying his first snow, and of course had to taste a little of it.  This was our first snow a couple of weeks ago, one minute we had nothing and within the our the ground was covered.  Yes he is growing like a weed.
Oliver was outside with his mom and dad running and playing, his dad said he was mostly interested in the cars.  Oliver will be two the first of May, boy how time flies.  I hate I have not been on my blog since this past novmember, I just don't know were time goes, just doesn't seem to be enough of it lately.  I got sick right after the photo shoot with a sinus infection from hell, just could not shake it.  And then hubby got sick right before  christmas, had to sleep in his recliner for two weeks, and then finally after the first of the year we were finally better.  Just alot going on with working, keeping Oliver and just day to day living.  And of course 3 weeks ago my migraines kicked back in can't seem to get rid of them also.  But on a brighter note, spring is coming, my sister and I went up to Nanbrook farm spring open house this past friday, loaded up on spring flowers and of course a prim bunny.  Spring just can't get  here fast enough this year, started putting out a few items in the house in mid-february.  Looking forward to this saturday, will be going up to The Rusty Relic and Country Heart for their spring open houses, so lots of new spring goodies are coming to my house, can't wait.  Also planning a trip this month to Kingsport,Tn to visit with my friend Bonnie who has a shop, Primitive Gatherings, can't wait to see all her spring goodies and to have a visit with her, she is always so sweet, makes my hubby and I a cup of coffee, just a nice visit with a friend and browsing through her shop for a couple of hours.  Well need to get started with getting caught up around the house, miss everyone so much, have to get caught up with everyone on their blogs.  I hate I didn't get my winter house up on my blog, but I am planning on showing some of my spring arrangements and some things I have been doing to shake up my house.  So everyone take care, Hugs Vicky