Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Decorating with Blues

 Hope everyone is doing well, I finally got all my blue items up and decorated, yes it take me awhile to decide were I will display the item and what will look best for the season I am in.  Just love how this turned out with the orange and yellow tulips, this bunny is my favorite, I tend to leave my rabbits out for the spring and summer.  This is on my island in my kitchen, more kitchen pictures to come, been redoing a wall in there, think it turned out great, will show it in my next blog post.
This blue shelf I decided to use at the end of the couch in my den, it sits on a small white cabinet, really hard to get a good picture, it tends to be dark in this area.  Just love the spring sampler I purchased from Pamela over at Our Pioneer Homestead.  Oliver likes to play with the candle and the little bird.  I have to be careful where I put things now because he like to pick up items and look at them.
 I was unsure where I would put this blue shelf, I had orginally thought I would use it in my laundry room, but I had removed a red shelf in here and moved it to the hallway, then I thought I would make it like a wash up area used back then.  I decided to add the very large wood bowl and old pitcher with the blue strip.  This is in the master bedroom, I tend to use reds and blues in here.
 Sorry this picture turned out a little blurry.  I knew exactly where I wanted this one when I bought it, perfect to hang my collection of dresses and bonnets on, like having an area on top to put iems.
This blue item I could see in several places in my house, but for right now I thought it would make a nice center piece for my table.  The little sampler is one of Jennifer's at taylor farmhouse, and the bird I just love, picked it up from Dru at cinnomon creek.

 I wanted to show you the latest blue items I had found, I just love string holders, so I found these at Caroles Country store, she is listed on my side bar.  They are shaker with the blue paint, thought they would be nice on my nitestand.  Just love finding the old items when I can.

This is in my sewing room, been redoing items in there, so here is the first of the other spring pictures I will be sharing in a future post.  Hope every has a great week, been trying to get my flower beds weeded so I can get my flowers in before it gets to hot.  Hugs Vicky