Friday, July 29, 2011

Tweaking with New Primitive Finds

 Been doing a little primitive tweaking since it has been so hot lately.  In June and July I went to a few shops, Settler's Crossin, Nanbrook Farm, Country Heart, Primitive Souls and Gatherings.  This stepback hutch is my favorite, a friend of mine husband made it years ago.  It sits in my tavern dining room. 
 I love the whaler table lamp I purchased from Wanda at Gatherings, she has some fantastic items, she is so kind to ship items to me.  The bottles I found at Nanbrook Farm and the two little fly screens at Settlers Crosin, love the table runner from Nanbrook Farm. 
 The small brown crock I picked up from my last trip to Settler's Crossin, love the old quilt used as a cover.  I had picked up the reproduction heart cutting board from Ann years ago.
 I love cabinets, decided to put this bittersweet cabinet on top of another one for right now, found it at Country Heart, love the candle scounce found it at splinter and rags.  This area needs something, just not quite sure what yet.
 Went to Gibson Mill for my anniversary this year, there is a fairly new booth there, Primitive Souls, I actually meet Norma that day, she was putting items in her expanded booth.  Love this hanging shelf.
 These pictures took dark, just not enough sun light in that room.  I have started collecting pinkeeps, fell in love with a few Amy had made at Nanbrook Farm. The one in the background I purchased from Settler's Crossin, just love makedo's.
 Another makedo pinkeep found at Gibson Mill, there are several primitive booths at this very large antique mall just outside of Concord, N.C., Nanbrook Farm, Country Heart, Primitive Souls, Ful O' Bright Ideas, and several others, great place to get lost in primitive finds.  I also collect covered books.
 Sorry for the dark pictures, I have been collecting winders for a while now, Wanda at Gatherings shipped this one to me, just love it.  A very old basket holds old gardening tools.
 Last time at Settler's Crossin I picked up this shelf, just perfect for my narrow hallway.  Another winder I had found, and a new doll, can't pass them up.
 Been tweaking with this arrangement, don't know if I am happy with it yet.  Another pinkeep, shoes, and a sampler.
 I have gone more primitive, especially in my kitchen.  I moved my desk out of the kitchen and put it under my new window shelf.  Moved my bucket bench in here, loaded it up with resent finds.
 Another bottle, found the peach butter jar at Gibson Mill and I love the bean jar, picked it up at Settler's Crossin.
 Found the old bowl at Primitive Souls, they do make furniture, know Norma's booth will be one of my favorites when I go to Gibson Mill.
 Another find from Gatherings, yes the last box Wanda shipped to me was huge.  Love the old nail kegs, this one has the biscuits label on it.
 Love the old pinkeep made from a snuff can, another bottle also picked up from Amy at Nanbrook Farm.
 This is the view at the end of my kitchen, my kitchen is long and narrow, and hardly no wall space.  I will be replacing the floor soon with a wood laminate and repainting my kitchen cabinets.
Fell in love with the corn from Gatherings, just love handmade items, think it really makes a home come together.  Well just a few items picked up along the way with my one day trips last couple of months.  Several of the shops will be having tax free weekend and yard sales the first of august, never know what primitive finds I will come across.  Everyone have a great weekend, I will be working on fall handmades, september is fast approaching.  Hugs. Vicky

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Homecoming for Oliver

 Little Oliver has finally come home after being in the hospital for 12 weeks, he now weighs 5 lbs. 11 ozs. On Wednesday, July 27 th, which was actually his due date, the time had come we have all waited for, his coming home. 
 They finally got him home around 2 pm that afternoon, he slept the whole time we gathered as a family.
Proud daddy holding Oliver for the first time in his home, so happy all the hospital visits are behind them.
 This is my eldest son Justin, he finally got to see and hold Oliver for the first time, he had only seen him through pictures I had taken.  He had kepted up with everything going on with him being in the hospital.
 Actually Justin just turned 32 years old on Tuesday July 26th.  What a great little gift holding his nephew.
 I decided we should celebrate with a cake just for Oliver.  Actually my husband started cake buying for me when I had Justin, I remember the cake was blue and it said "thanks for the boy" on it.  My husband decided this is what it should say on Oliver's cake.  Oliver is truly a miracle and a blessing.
 Chris is trying to burp Oliver, took his bottle without waking up good, the kid was just out of it.  In the background you can see Oliver's other grandmother, Tammy.
 No burp yet, just leave me alone, trying to get a little sleep here.  Been a long day, Chris said the night before they stayed at the hopital with Oliver in a room, it was so hot, air was not working good  and there was a single bed, he tryed to sleep in the chair.  And on top of that the little clip on baby monitor kept going off everytime Oliver's breathing got a little rapid.  They all had a long night and day. 
 Wanted to capture a picture of Oliver in his homecoming outfit.  Brandi picked out a cute outfit with the tie on it.  Love the little booties, looks like sneakers.  There is a sneaker story, Brandi loves converse sneakers, has about every color they make.  They actually got married in black converse sneakers.  Oliver already has a pair of converse sneakers when he gets big enough to wear them.
 Here is Katie, Brandi's sister.  Katie is due anytime, she is expecting a boy also, his name is going to be Jonah.  It will be great that Oliver and Jonah will grow up together. 
 This is the first time Katie had gotten to see Oliver and hold him.  She wanted her and Justin to be the first, since they could not get into the hospital to see Oliver, only the grandparents were on the list, could only have four people.  Can't wait to see little Jonah when he is born.
This picture was taken on my anniversary earlier this month, a blessing for me, my two sons.  It is so nice that they still turn to each other when they need help, they just live down the road from each other, and now Justin can watch little Oliver grow up and be a part of his life.   I am so glad Chris has come to know what it is like to have a son of his own, to watch him grow up and attend all those school award programs, baseball games and finally to see him become a man, what a blessing that will be.  I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing little Oliver's homecoming, thank you also for all your support, prayers and emails, they all meant a lot to me over the last 12 weeks.  Hugs.  Vicky

Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Shower, Wedding Anniversary, Day Trip, Birthday, and Oliver goes tubeless

 Yes all those things happened from Thursday to Sunday last week, just wanted to share a couple of photos.
He was just a moving that night, never woke up, just lots of hand motions. This was taken over a week ago.
 Hubby and I celebrated our 33 wedding anniversary on July 15th, had taken a day trip that day and went to hold Oliver that night, hubby's first time holding him.  Perfect anniversary gift, holding Oliver.  We had Oliver's baby shower the night before, Oliver will never have to buy anymore clothes again.  Lots of gifts.
 Another picture when he was nine weeks old, before he lost all those tubes.  Loves to touch his face.
 And here I am holding Oliver on my anniversary with no tubes to get in the way, he was wide awake that night  and hungry, he weighed 4 lbs. 10ozs. 
Oliver now weighs today 4 lbs. 14 ozs. and is close to coming home.  He is doing really well being in a regular crib and loves to eat.  He has a hernia, his dad had one when he was born.  They are going to fix it sometime this week hopefully and after that he can come home.  I have been helping Brandi paint their bedroom since Oliver will be staying in it for awhile when he comes home and today I went over and helped her finish painting some she had not finished in her kitchen, trying to get things ready for the big homecoming. And then to round off everything going on last week I turned 54 on sunday, missed my dad that day, he use to tease me about getting older.  Yes  what a week,  will post pictures of all my goodies I found on my day trip soon, been working on fall items today, trying to finish up what I have started before I start something else.  Hope everyone has a great week, Hugs. Vicky

Friday, July 1, 2011

First Time Holding Baby Oliver

 This was taken last friday night, Oliver was seven weeks old then, just sound asleep here. He was 3lbs. 12 oz., love his little outfit with the animals on it.  Just peaceful.
 My son Chris holding his son, a very special moment.  Oliver always has one of  his feet out one on top of the other.  He never woke up that night, just out of this world after he was fed.
 Here I was holding him, you can really see his kind of strawberry blonde hair and eyebrows, my husband has this color hair, the rest of us are dark headed.  Both of my sons were born dark headed and then turned blonde and then back to dark.  I hope Oliver keeps his blonde hair, just adorable.  Looks like his father.
My first time holding Oliver, my mother-in-law asked me how he felt, I told him he felt lite, just so tiny.
One of my favorite pictures of Oliver, love the owl hat, Brandi loves owls, she collects them.  This picture of Oliver reminds me of my father, over the years I have pictures of dad would be asleep sitting up with his mouth open.  Going back tonight to hold him again, hoping he will be home sometime later this month.  Just wanted to share a very special evening I spent with my son and grandson.  Its been a long week, closed out the booth, had a migraine, worked, and started working on fall sewing projects, hope to have a weekend of sewing and being with the kids.  Everyone have a safe and happy holiday.  Vicky