Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Photo Shoot and Oliver walking

 Having problems loading pictures today, wanted to give you 2 for 1.  Anyway about the photo shoot, everything went really well, Bill and Gloria, well it was like having good old friends come by and spend the day with you.  They arrived at 8:30 and proceeded to start in the kitchen, they took two pictures in there.  Gloria didn't bring things to add in, she did pull a fabric pumpkin to add to a display I had in there, the editor wanted a real big fall display in there, she then lit candles I had, I think this picture will turn out so well.  It took almost all morning to do the kitchen I have a long and narrow one, not a lot of room in there.  They took 1 picture in the master bedroom, 2 in my sewing room, 1 in Oliver's room, 1 corner in my den and 5 photos in my liv/den area.  They said my house was very photogenic and they loved how th light came in in the living room.  I am so glad I did this, no regrets, just a relaxing day with them, it took until around 4:30 that afternoon.  They are always on the look out for houses, if you feel like this is something you would like to do you can email me and I will get you in touch with Bill and Gloria.  Still do not know which issue, the editor will decide, either the Home Tour edition or the fall issue, will let you know.
 Hard to tell I had a photo shoot the day before, yes Oliver is back, you can see all his toys in the background.
 Oliver has to turn and sit and then stand up to get in my kitchen, his grandpa helped him learn how.
 Oliver is on the move to see what he can find to get into, loves his new freedom, walks around all day.
 His favorite pasttime is doors, love to open and close them, ok just too cute, I really miss the little guy when I don't have him.
 Yes he just loves to help his Nana rearrange her primitives, he is really good about my stuff he knows what no means.
Still on the move, I think the only time he is still is while he naps.  I hope everyone has a great time with their family and friends next week, families are always very special.  I am starting to put up my winter decorating, yes all the pumpkins are coming down.  I will have a winter tour of my house sometime in early december.  Everyone take care, Hugs Vicky

Monday, October 22, 2012

Date with Country Sampler

I have a date with Country Sampler its going to be November 8th.  I got a call before Labor Day asking if I decorate for fall, seems like they needed another house, one had fallen through, yes I told her I decorate for fall like most people decorate for Christmas, so I resubmitted pictures and they are coming for a fall photo shoot now.  Yikes and its getting close, so much to do and so little time, going to be working on the outside some this week, its going to be around 80 this week, what happened to fall.  Next week I am moving to the inside to clean really good temps are going to be in the 60's next week good fall cleaning weather.  So here is a little taste of my fall decorating, my house is decked out like it has never been before.  As for the rest of the fall decorating you will have to wait until the magazine comes out.    I would like to thank Betty Crowe for giving my blog link to Bill Mathews the photographer, none of this would be happening if it were not for
Betty.  If you have never been on Betty's blog you are in for a treat, its like going by a dear friends house for a cup of coffee.  Her blog is Through my back door, so stop by and enjoy a visit with Betty.  On another note Oliver is walking yes he is rearranging my cabinets and is loving his new freedom, will have to get some new pictures up soon of Oliver.  He is also going to be representing the March of Dimes this time, he is going to be attending a fund raising this coming sunday, a black tie event, he is going to be wearing a little tux.  There will be other events that he will attend and then next April when we have the walk for the March of Dimes we will be leading the walk off.  Well need to get started on some yard work today and some window wasing, just wanted to let everyone know what has been going on with me the last couple of months, everyone take care, will let you know what issue it will be in either next fall or the home tour edition.  Hugs Vicky

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden Tour

 Gardens nourish the soul, a sign I have hanging in my garden, and I really believe that is true.  Every spring I can't wait to get into my flower gardens and see what has come back from last year and what I can add for the coming season.  I hope you enjoy my little gardens spread out throughout my yard.
 Added a bench in the back of this long fenced area on the side of my house.  I added one of my favorite birdhouses on top, you can just barely see it peaking through.  I love all the purples and yellows I added this year.
 This is just below the last picture, just  right before you enter the back yard.  Some of my tall phlox didn't come back here this year, the corner in the back was just full of them last year, need to think of something tall to go in maybe this fall, so it will be back in the spring.  Love the old looking bird feeder, just adds the right height to this bed.  Throught out my garden you will see lots of signs I have collected, some read, bumble bee crossing,  To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow, and olde garden tools, I am always on the lookout for garden signs they add so much to a garden.
 This large planter sits in an area where I have a bench area next to the fireplace chimney.  This area gets changed out with the seasons.  So glad I took this picture a few weeks ago, this large planter of flowers, well it didn't make it through the very hot days we have had, can't wait to fill it with pansies.  This area is one of my favorite places to sit outside, just too hot this summer to do so.  I plan to make up for lost time this fall.

 This bed sits at the corner of driveway.  I had changed it some this year, added stepping stones, they have dragon flies on them and made a little path to the birdbath.
This is a very large bed that sits in my front yard.  I have all sorts of seasonal flowers that bloom throughout the season here, along with some large pots added for interest.  You can barely see the little blue wagon that sits in the front of this bed, it is up next to a tree.  I love to put pumpkins in it for the fall season.  Well just a few of my flower beds this year, there is one in the back of the house I didn't get to this year, it turned so hot, I had to stop being outside.  I hopefully will get back in them this fall for some redoing while you can still buy some flowers before winter.  This time of the year my beds start looking a little over grown, it is so humid and hot here in the south, and I have asthma, so it prevents me from being outside, can't wait to the cooler time of the year when I can be outside again playing in my flower beds, nourishing my soul.  Everyone stay cool,   Vicky

Monday, August 6, 2012

Decorating with Summer Blues

 When I started decorating with more primitive items they fit so well the the earthy tones I have in my house, all the fall tones in the autumn, I add in more reds for the winter, well when it came to last spring and summer, what could I add to give it just a little amount of color for summer.  I started collecting more blues, and I have fallen back in love with the color again. Back in the early summer, hubby and I took a very quick trip to see a friend of mine, Bonnie, she owns Primitive Gatherings shop in Tn.  Well she had so many items I could use to decorate for the summer season.  I picked up the little blue cabinet, didn't know where I would put it, the walls are getting full here.  I decided to move a couple of areas around, so I put it up on top of the step back cabinet for now.  I also picked up the basket and blueberries at her shop, just love the berries, good ones are hard to find.
 OK, had to throw in a picture of Oliver with his dad, taken earlier this summer, just love his new hat.
 Here I have taken a reproduction dough box, and added some blue bowls I have recently purchased, along with the doll and some red flowers.  I like changing out this box every season, it sits on my dining room table.
 I had this bowl rack in my kitchen in the spring, moved it back in here, added the red bowl and little dolls, some rag balls, and throw. My bedroom is done in reds, blues, browns.
 Wanted to share my new blue quilt, finding the perfect blue is hard, actually it is a little darker than the picture show.  I change it out in the fall and winter with a red quilt.
 This area above an old pie safe used for clothing in my bedroom, gets changed out with the seasons also, her used some blues for the summer season.
 This area next to the bathroom I have just added, wanted to share with you the little doll, all done in blue.
The fireplace gets a new look this time of the year, here I placed the little old childs wagon chair, a recent purchase this summer along with it the doll all done in blue and the little pillow.  Well hope you enjoyed seeing some of my summer decorating, thought I better show it to you before the house gets decked out for the fall season.  I will be sharing some other summer items with you, a tour of my garden and and summer wedding.  Well need to get back to my fall handmades, I have body parts everywhere, fall is fast approaching.  Everyone take care.  Hugs Vicky

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Country Sampler looking for a few good houses

Hi everyone, yes I know I fell off blogland again, where does time go.  I will get into what I have been doing later, but first I have had a little secret, I was asked to submit pictures of my home to Country Sampler Magazine back in the spring.  Well the editor picked my house for a photo shoot, so they will be coming all the way from Kansas, so they are looking for a few more homes to do along the way.  I know there are lots of you girls who have fantastic houses and who know how to decorate them.  You all have seen the type of houses they use in their magazine.  If this is something that you would be interested in doing all you have to do is email me with your name and phone number so I can give it to either the stylist or the photographer and they will get in touch with you about the details of submitting pictures to them for the editor to see.  Believe me your house does not have to be perfect, mine certainly isn't.  Infact when they were wanting me to submit my pictures I had just moved four rooms of furniture around and things where still in boxes and I was in the middle of tax season with all my paper work everywhere.  I had to move boxes out of the way, take the pictures and shove them back, so everything does not have to be perfect, lots of things needs doing at my house.  So here is my email address please email if you are interested or if you know of others you can ask.  I wanted to add a couple of pictures today, but the computer had a mind of its own and wouldn't let me.  So I will try to put up a few pictures later of what I have been doing this summer, gardening, bridal tea party, helping with a wedding and of course a little summer decorating with summer blues, and I am knee deep in fall handmades, pumpkins and pumpkin folk everywhere. And of course Oliver is growing like a weed, will have some pictures of him at the wedding.  Everyone take care,  thanks for all your help, Hugs Vicky

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oliver turns one

Last Saturday the whole family got together to walk for babies in the March of Dimes Walk.  Brandi had formed a team called Team Huckababy since our last name is Huckaby.  Oliver seemed to enjoy the day, him and his cousin Jonah enjoyed being pulled along the trail in a wagon.  It was a great turn out over 375,000 dollars had been raised for the event.
Here I am at the finish line with Oliver and my hubby Steve and oldest son Justin, he is holding Brandis sister baby, Jonah, he actually turns 9 months old today, Oliver and Jonah are exactly 3 months apart. It was a great walk that day, 3.5 miles, but it was cloudy and a little cool that morning.
 Here Oliver is with his parents and his uncle Justin and Jonah, he seemed to be interested in something else.
Ok he seems to interested in the balloons, and there is the wagon they both rode in that morning, looking forward to next year, it is really a good cause,  having gone through everything with Oliver since he came 3 months early.  And speaking of Oliver, today marks his first birthday, yes one year ago today we got an early surprise Oliver came early.  Not knowing when we arrived at the hospital that night that a blessing would be coming to us that night.  So tonight at 7:49 Oliver will be 1 year old, and like I do when my kids turn another age I call them at the time they were born to tell them they have arrived.  Chris, Oliver's dad, seems to get a kick out of me calling, Justin, just says gee mom thanks for reminding me I am getting older.  I just tell them its a mom thing, just go with it.  So every year from now on little Oliver with get a call from his nana telling him he has just been born.  What a blessing children are.  Hugs to all, Vicky

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Me

 I know I keep falling off blog land, thought I better let everyone know I am alright, several had sent me concerned emails.  I can't believe I haven't blogged since the first of February, were does time go.  Well my migraines started up about that time again, been losing about two days a week to them, yes I can tell you when it is going to rain, no its not helpful, its a curse, LOL, well been living will them for over 30 years now, but never have gotten use to them, I have lost years out of my life because of being down with a migraine.  I have also been dealing with my cleaning business, just lost a couple of my offices after 18 years of service to this vision place.  Not any problem with my cleaning, they decided they wanted all 4 of their offices done by one cleaning company, so I went to bid against two big cleaning companies in town, needless to say I cannot compete with them, I offer a personal service at a fair price, so I lost out, well it happens.  On a brighter note,  just love the bunny here in the picture, I finally finished her, started her last spring, and then Oliver came early, so she was put up.  This spring I finished her to display in my house, she is a Smiling Goat pattern, just prim perfect.  My sister and I did get out handmades out for spring open houses and got to attend a couple of them, they were really great, got a few items, have to show you later.
 Yes the big furniture moved happened in my house this past winter, along with a few smaller items moved around.  Moved this blue bowl rack to the kitchen counter, I think it added a bit of color in my kitchen.  Love the little black bunny I picked up at Nanbrook Farm this spring.  The old soap box I have hanging on the wall is a really great find I found on my last trip to Charleston, just love old boxes, they are getting harder to find. 
 Ok I always wanted a buttery area in my kitchen, still working on it, but this is what I have for the time being.  The old green bench I picked up a while back at The Rusty Relic, just added the old apple crate someone had made into a small shelf on top.  The old orange spice box was another antique find from Charleston and the little wood measure of some kind was a recent purchase on a trip to Hendersonville, N.C.  I just love the string winder I purchased from Traci at YorkMountain Primitives, she has so much neat stuff, I am always finding something on her website.  Speaking of websites, my friend Bonnie of Kingsport, Tn has a new picturetrail, Primitive Gathering Shop, you can find it on my sidebar under my favorite shops.  Also Debbie has opened her shop back up Four Meadows Cabin, use to be Back Shed Primitives, I have not been, but just wanted to let everyone know.  I also wanted to let you know about a new website I have found, Old Farmhouse Antiques, I have just ordered 2 blue bowls from Hannah.  She has updates from time to time and she is going to have another one soon.  Hannah is such a sweet person, been enjoying emailing back and forth with her, nice to have a new primitive friend.  I will list these websites on my blog side bar.
 The yellow ware bowl was a gift from my father, a very special keepsake, and I love the old basket on top.
 March is a kind of hard month for me since my father died.  My parents anniversary was on March 8th, I use to have a family dinner and always had a cake for them.  Also my dad's birthday is on March 23rd, so every year since he died 5 years ago I go on the hunt for old things to reconnect with my father.  This year was no different, I loaded up Oliver and we went to the local antique shop were I use to have my booth.  I found this cabinet which I thought would look great with the jars I have been collecting.  The little space beneath the shelf was a perfect fit for one of my bowls.
 This is the wall at the end of my kitchen, actually it is the only big wall I have.  So I took down the hanging cupboard, moved it to the living room and also the bucket bench and brought back from the sewing room this green punch tin pie safe, my favorite.  I think I finally got it the way I like it, at least for now, you just never know with me, always tweaking something.
 Of course I had to share a picture of my big boy now, just turned 11 months old, were has time gone.  He is riding in a wagon with his cousin at his other grandmothers house.
This picture was just taken on their trip to Savannah, looks likes he is trying to get those shoes untied.  He did really well Chris said with being on the trip, seems like Oliver's favorite thing was the water at the beach.  Well just wanted to let everyone know I am alright, will try to keep up with my blog better, and reading other blogs, I really enjoy seeing what my primitive friends are doing.  Hope everyone has a great holiday with their family.  Hugs Vicky

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Primitive Goodies and handmades

 Thought I would share this area in my bedroom I have been working on for sometime now, collecting different items that would have been used in everyday life.  The old peg rack, just love it, had gotten it on one of my trips to Kingsport.  I wanted to use blues, browns and a touch of red in my bedroom.  I have a red quilt I use in the wintertime and I just ordered a country blue looking one this week, thought it would be good for the spring and the summer.  The brown dress I found at Settler's Crossin, just added the two bonnets from my trip to Gibson Mill.  I love the makedo pinkeep, love the coverlet it was made out of, pinkeeps are one of my favorite things to collect now.  The bag hanging on the dress was a gift from Traci at York Mountain Primitives, just love it Traci, she has a really neat website, I have some dolls and rag balls I had ordered from her, still trying to find the perfect place for them.  I had found this old basket years ago, I added the little pinkeep and a couple of black darners, the darners came from my Aunt Dottie.  Speaking of Aunt Dottie, our little luncheon turned out really well, of course Oliver was the hit of the party.  He was having a good time with everyone, did I take pictures, well I thought about it last night, didn't even occur to me to take picutres during the event.
 Had to share this special little pillow Traci had sent me also, just love it, something I will always treasure with being a first time grandma.
 One of my handmades, just love the pattern, a Veenas Mercantile, very easy to make, love how she turned out, very primitive. More pinkeeps I have collected, this area is in my bedroom, love the reproduction lamp, they add so much to the primitive look.  The little red shoes are just part of  an ongoing collection of shoes I have.
 The seed bag dolls I just love making, very easy, primitive looking, another Drakestone pattern, just love her patterns.
 Another onof the seed bag dolls and the angel doll were special orders for the upcoming Friendship Tea.  The Rusty Relic will be hosting it next saturday, Feb. 11th, if you are in the neighborhood stop by, really great primitive shop.
 Well we are in the middle of rabbit season here, this rabbit is a hand painted one my sister had stitched up, can't remember the name of the pattern, this one has already been sold.
This rabbit is a creation of my sister, she is very talented, somehow my brain just does not go there, hopefully one day I will be able to create like she does.  This one is made from clay and sits on an old jar.  Just love the colors she used.  The little umbrella and on her back is a basket with eggs, just perfect for spring, she has already been sold, she is currently working on some smaller rabbits.  We hope to start offering some handmades for spring here on the blog sometime in March after we get the spring handmades finished for the spring open houses.  Just wanted to share a few things with you, hope everyone has a great weekend.  Rainy here today, perfect day for the great furniture move I am working on if I can get hubby to stay home long enough. LOL.  Will share some of that great move soon.  Hugs Vicky

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bathroom Going Primitive

 Well I haven't fallen off the planet, its been a month since I posted, were does time go.  Hubby did give me his cold and it turned into a sinus infection, I am just getting back to feeling normal again.  I have been keeping Oliver and I am currently in the middle of rabbit season, the girls in N.C. will be having their spring open houses starting as early as March 3 rd, so my sister and I have been really busy creating, will show somethings we have been up to later.  We are even thinking of doing a little selling of our handmades here on the blog, will let you know more on that later.  The other thing I have been doing is taking my postage size bath, yes its that little, good thing I didn't have girls, we only have the one.  LOL  The last year I have really been going more primitive in my house, so the bathroom is in need of an update, so I thought I would do more primitve items in here.  It is just a start, we are redoing the bathroom floor, I am looking for a new light fixture, the shiny one has to go.  When I redid the bathroom 15 years ago I was into vintage, yes I didn't know what a primitve was, I saw alot in magazines, but none around here. So I am currently trying to decide what I need to do with the white mirror and the cabinet and other items in the room.  Here in this picture I added a pegrack for our towels and the little shelf I found at Nanbrook Farm a while back I dedided to hang here, not alot of wall space in here.  I hung samplers beside of it, they are actually behind the door when it is open, so I had to have something flat here.
 This area is on the opposite wall above the toilet area.  I just love the sign, it is actually what got the bathroom idea going.  The bottle's I collected from Nanbrook Farm, Amy had done a batch of them and I think I bought everyone she had, just love their vintage look.  And of course had to add one of my many pinkeeps I collect.  The little bottle I have had since I was young, I use to collect bottles going up in my father's antique shop.  The cabinet they are sitting on I think I am just going to add a little stain to it to darken it.
 This is a 4 ft. shelf about the toilet and sink area, more of the vintage bottles from Nanbrook.  The bottles in the old tool caddy, it actually has dry red paint on it, they are from my childhood collection, as are the other two smaller bottles sitting on the shelf.  Bird pinkeep is one of my favorites, sits on and old wood box.
 This is the other end, just added another vintage bottle, the little shelf with drawer I have had for years, love the old shampoo brush sitting on it and the scott tissue sampler on it.  More to come later on this bathroom redo.
 I can't believe Oliver will be 9 months old in a couple of days.  He was just full of himself that night at the supper table.  All my kids come for supper on thursday night, it is a nice family time to be together.

 What was going on that night was about Oliver loving his baby yogurt.  He just kept opening that mouth for more and bouncing up and down, he was just carried away.  Well finally there was no more, and he still had that mouth open, so Brandi just handed him the empty cup and then he decided he would just stick his tongue in it and try to get the last drop out.  Kids can be so funny.  A little update on Oliver, he now weighs 15 lbs. 1 oz. and is doing really well, they keep a close watch on him, he goes to the eye doctor in the morning for a check up.  Starting Thursday I will be taking him to therpy for his left arm, no major concern here, he uses it, but he doesn't seem to be using it like he should, doesn't usually reach for things with it, so they decided to start therpy to help him use it better, will keep you posted on that.
Thought I would share my bunny I had just gotten from Gatherings, yes can't stay off of  Wanda's blog, she has such a great shop.  I just love her, I love the primitive look, the twigs in her hand, her shawl wrapped aroung her shoulders and how her ears are bent, just perfect for my kitchen, where I spend so much time, LOL.  I am getting more in the mood for spring lately, going to be 70 the next three days, my plants are very confused, some of them already half way out of the ground.  So I am going to be piddling in the house, I am in the process of starting the great 3 room furniture shift, yes my hubby is so excited, LOL.  I was telling Brandi what my plans were one night and my oldest son Justin was listening and I was getting the look, of what are you doing and how does this involve me, just love him, always ready to help, but usually I get the question, didn't we just move that?  Well need to get a few things done before I go to work after lunch, getting ready for my aunt and sister and mom coming to lunch on fridays.  Since my father died, my Aunt Dottie comes most every friday for lunch at my moms, its been nice getting to know her better, she has always been my favorite aunt.  This week we decided to have it at my house, so trying to get rid of the dust bunnines, wished my handmade bunnies produced like my dust bunnies do, and get my house back in order, seems to get out of hand when I am sewing.  Everyone take care, will have some pictures of things I just gotten, little dolls, bonnets, pinkeeps and new lighting soon.  Hugs Vicky