Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oliver Baking cookies

Just wanted to share with everyone what I have been doing with my 2 and half year old grandson, Oliver today, yes our first baking cookie tradition has started.  He enjoyed cutting them out, we decided to make snowmen cookies today, and then after I iced them he picked out the decorations for them and done them all, so much fun watching him enjoy our first cookie baking tradition.  I think he liked the star decorations the best and of course the eating them.  Everyone have a great time this season enjoying your family, they grow up so fast.  Back hopefully with some decorating pictures this week.  Take care,  Vicky

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New things added to Christmas Update

 Here are a few items my sister has just finished.  Love the bear in the stocking, it is about 20" tall, asking 28.50 plus travel.
 Snowman ready for the snow with his shovel, he is 15" asking 35.00 plus travel.
The little nativity set is 29.50 plus travel.  email me at greencreekprimitives@hotmail.com

Christmas Update #1

email: greencreekprimitives@hotmail.com

Thank you for joining me tonight, if you see something you would like, please email me at greencreekprimitives@hotmail.com, if there is more than one item of the same thing, please let me know which one you would like.  Right now I am taking personal checks, I will email you with the cost of shipping after the update.  Thanks again, hope you have a great evening.  Vicky

The first item is this snowman, all decked out with his hat and scarf ready for the snow, he is 22" tall with his stick legs, kindly asking  $27.50 for him plus travel

Love these snow babies, just adorable, they are a Kentucky Prims design, they are really special to me, the little hat was Oliver.s, my 2 year old grandson old extra baby socks.  They are 3" and asking 14.95 plus travel.

I have two of these with the little gray hat, also, 14.95 each, plus travel.

These snowcones are really neat, I am planning on hanging a few in the window for winter, they are a Catnap Prim pattern, they are 6" and  are made from an old quilt.  Asking 14.95 plus travel #1 

#2  14.95 plus travel

#3  14.95 plus travel

#4  14.95 plus travel

Aren't these adorable, they are a TFC Folkart design they are 5" and are made also from an old quilt, asking 16.50 plus travel

#2  16.50 plus travel

#3  16.50 plus travel

#4  16.50 plus travel

This is a Crock snowman, design by Catnap Prims, he is 20" tall, would look great in a crock or basket with greens, asking 18.50 plus travel 

This is a Liberty Creek design. love the stocking, measures 12" and is all decked out for the holidays, asking 14.50 plus travel, #1

#2  14.50 plus travel

Love this couple,  This is a Kentucky Prims design, meet Mr. and Mrs Christmas Field Mice, they are 8" and asking $45.00 plus shipping for this sweet couple
This santa is already with his tree, this is a TFC Folkart design, asking 45.00 plus travel

There will be two sections to this tonight, I am having problems uploading my pictures, make sure you see both updates.  Thanks again for dropping by.  Vicky

Christmas update #2

Love this design by Pineberry lane, she makes a perfect Christmas Angel,  asking 39.50 plus travel.
Prims by Kim design, this is Mrs. Snowfield, she is 6" and asking 14.50 plus travel.
Sorry about the two separate updates tonight, pictures were just not loading right.
email: greencreekprimitives@hotmail.com

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Update Thursday Night

Hope everyone had a great Thankgiving.  I am planning on having a few handmades to offer on thursday night at 8pm est  hope you can stop by and take a look at what my sister and I have been up too.  It will be listed on my items for sell page.   Until then have a great evening.  Vicky

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christmas Handmade blog update

Hi Everyone, I know it late, I have been in Kingsport Tn all day today attending Bonnies Christmas open house at her shop Primitive Gatherings, she had some really great items, if you get a chance go by if you are in the area, yes I found lots of new things that made their way somehow inside my car.  LOL. pictures later.  There will be a christmas blog update on Sunday night Oct. 27th at 7pm est, if you get a chance drop by and check out what I and my sister Lisa have been making.  We will be offering items the whole month of November, will let you know as we are finishing items.  Take care, Vicky

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Handmade update

Email address  greencreekprimitives@hotmail.com
Welcome to Green Creeks Primitives first fall update, all items listed tonight are ready to ship, these are all the fall items I have,  I have been so busy since the magazine hit the mailbox, I have been buried in pumpkins for weeks now, so with the last items shipped out here are a few things we wanted to offer for your fall decorating.  Right now I will take a check, from time to time we will offer handmades we are working on, so we hope you enjoy your evening with us.  Autumn Blessings Vicky

This Mama Pumpkin holding her baby is an original design by my sister, Lisa, she stands 15" tall and is prim to perfection.  Price 58.00 + travel
                                                               SOLD-THANK YOU
Closeup view

Mrs. Begg is a pineberry lane pattern, I love sewing her patterns, she is 24" tall, just great for hanging on a cabinet for fall.  Price 55.00 + travel
                                                                  SOLD  THANK YOU
Ms Punkin is a Catnap pattern, she is 16" and I loved making her for fall.  Price 38.00+travel

Herb Crow Ladye is a Stacey Mead pattern, I made one like her for the fall giveaway for Country Sampler, here I have made her a little different, she just says fall, great hanging on a cupboard.  She is 18".  Price 55.00
                                                            SOLD  THANK YOU
This is Oliva, she is a TFC folkart design, just love pumpkin folk, really enjoyed making her.  She wears a necklace made from dried okra from my garden, she is 12".  Price  35.00
                                                     OLIVIA is SOLD, THANK YOU
Mr. Punkin is a catnap pattern also, holds a sack with drieds.  He is 14" tall.  Price 32.00+travel

Aren't these owls a hoot.  Sandy made these,  they are 5 and 6" tall.  Price for the pair is 28.00+travel
                                                     NOT AVAILABLE
Small pumpkin, pattern by Tickled Primitives,  I only have one,  Price 12.50+travel
                                                                SOLD  THANK YOU
Mr. Pumpkin Head, a pineberry lane pattern.  Measures from top of stem to base is 11", sits on an old bobbin.
Price 14.50+travel

Fall Prairie doll is 9" tall.  Price 28.00+travel

Fall Angel, pattern by Chestnut Junction,  Price  28.00+travel

Saturday, September 21, 2013


First of all I would like to thank all of you who left me the kindest remarks on my blog about my house in Country Sampler, I enjoyed reading each one of them.  I have gotten lots of emails and also phone calls reagarding my fall handmades,  yes I even had a lady from Canada call me and wanted a pumpkin and fall doll, it was an amazing experience.  So I thought I would offer a few fall handmades to you on the first day of autumn, Sunday night at 7pm est, I will have a few items already to ship, my sister Lisa and her daughter Sandy have joined me in making a few items for your fall decorating.  Hope you can join us then.  I wanted to also share with you a little of my ongoing fall decorating, here is what I have gotten done so far, and I have a few new items, yes I have been shopping, all the shops around here have had their fall open houses, so I hope you enjoy my little taste of autumn dressing for my house. 
I love this new large, guess you would call it a trencher, it has make do repairs in it, I wanted something very large to display my ever growing pumpkin collection.  I also moved my mustard shelf into the dining room, yes I like to move things.

Here is a closer picture of it, I use to have it over my desk in the living room, but I bought a new larger cabinet to hang there, I will share it with you next time.


I just love this bowl rack, it hangs on the other side of my dining room.

This wall in my kitchen has changed some since the magazine shoot.  I love the baskets added to the rack, moved the bowl rack off my counter and added it on top of the piesafe.  I love the pumpkin man in the tin can, a Cinnamon Creek design, love her stuff.  I love the new shelf that I hung next to the pie safe, love the deep shelves, hard to find them.

Closer view, just love the primitive feel it gives my kitchen

One of Kimberlys designs,  from the Red Cupboard, love her pumpkin folk.

My favorite old find, very large bucket bench.

My favorite pumpkin doll that I had made from a Bittersweet Folkart pattern, she sits in my kitchen all year.  She was very popular when the magazine came out.

This narrow wall in the hall right off the kitchen is one of my favorite places to decorate.

Don't you just love the pumpkin head in the box, picked it up on one of my fall hunting trips.

Another small wall in my hall way.

I just love how this turned out, took the mustard shelf that was in my buttery area in the magazine and added it here in my hallway on top of a cabinet I have in there, it gets changed out with the seasons.

I had redone this area in my den, moved the cabinet out of the hallway and put it next to my couch, yes I move things about everytime I change with the seasons.

I think this is one of my favorite pumpkin dolls I have come across while shopping, decided I would put her in the den where I could see her.

Pumpkin man was found while I was in TN this time, yes I get around a lot, my poor hubby, he takes me several times a year to TN to see my friend Bonnie and of course shop.

My favorite corner of my den, this  cabinet gets changed out with every season, just love the old cabinet.

This cabinet sits in the corner, really hard to take good pictures.  Love the three pumpkins sitting in the corner with the light, one of Marie's designs at Prims by Olde Lady Morgan.

This Mama Pumpkin with her baby is one of my sisters designs, she will be up for sale on Sunday night at 7pm est. please join us then, I hope you have enjoyed some of my fall decorating, will have more to come soon.  Until Sunday night, Autumn Blessing to all of you.  Vicky