Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oliver turns 2

 Yes its hard to believe its been two years already, little did we know that two years ago our life was about to change that night with Oliver coming 3 months early and only weighing 1 lb. and 14 ozs.  You would never know that today, he is a healthy and very active 2 year old, even though he just still weighs 22 lbs and still can wear 9 - 12 month clothing, but we are so very thankful.  Thought I would share some pictures of the march of dimes walk that took place last saturday.  It was a cloudy cool day, but lots of people turned out for such a special event.  Here on stage is Oliver with his mom and dad, Oliver was the ambassador for our area this year.
 Here is Oliver with his buddy, yes my oldest son Justin loves to play with him, he would make a great dad, hopefully some day he will have his own.  Justin spent most of the time before the walk running after Oliver and even when the walk started he held him for the first little bit of the walk and then Oliver got over in his wagon and enjoyed his ride the rest of the 4.5 miles.
 Oliver on the loose, yes he was all over the place, and he never meets a stranger, friendly with everyone.
 Here is our team banner, we had one because of Oliver being the little ambassador.  The kids had went the night before and set up the tent.
 OK this nana is getting to look old and tried and by this time Oliver was wanting to take a nap after the walk. 
 Oliver found his cousins tricycle after the walk, just a little too big for him.  His cousin Jonah was born 3 months after Oliver but he is weighs 37 lbs, just a really cute kid, he is very friendly also, hate I didn't get a picture of Jonah. And of course his buddy by Oliver's side.
 Here is Brandi, Oliver's mom holding up the plaques she had received from the march of dimes, one is for Oliver being the ambassador and the other is for our raising the most money for a family team.  Yes our little family raised over 6,000 dollars this time.  We also sold I know of 140 t shirts but she put in a last minute order after that, don't know how many was ordered then, so our little team is growing.  Brandi really does a great job with the march of dimes each year.
 Here is the proud parents of Oliver, and Oliver is starting to want that nap, been a long morning, but the rain held off and another walk for 2013 came to a close.
Here is the banner they had put up for those that sponsered our team, they left one off, it was for my son's Justin were he works North Grove medical center and of course my little cleaning business supported our grandson, the fuel company where my hubby works, hum didn't have a picture of my hubby at the walk, yes he was there, and then Katie bugs cakes is Brandi's sister, she makes the best cakes.  It was a great day for a good cause and time well spent with the family.  Today Oliver is spending the day with his mom, miss the lilttle fellow I usually have him on thursdays, but I will be keeping him friday and he will be spending the night with us, spending time with him before you know he will be 22.  Hope everyone has a great week.  Will be back with a few more spring decorating pics, before I put up my summer items.  Vicky