Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Primitive Goodies and handmades

 Thought I would share this area in my bedroom I have been working on for sometime now, collecting different items that would have been used in everyday life.  The old peg rack, just love it, had gotten it on one of my trips to Kingsport.  I wanted to use blues, browns and a touch of red in my bedroom.  I have a red quilt I use in the wintertime and I just ordered a country blue looking one this week, thought it would be good for the spring and the summer.  The brown dress I found at Settler's Crossin, just added the two bonnets from my trip to Gibson Mill.  I love the makedo pinkeep, love the coverlet it was made out of, pinkeeps are one of my favorite things to collect now.  The bag hanging on the dress was a gift from Traci at York Mountain Primitives, just love it Traci, she has a really neat website, I have some dolls and rag balls I had ordered from her, still trying to find the perfect place for them.  I had found this old basket years ago, I added the little pinkeep and a couple of black darners, the darners came from my Aunt Dottie.  Speaking of Aunt Dottie, our little luncheon turned out really well, of course Oliver was the hit of the party.  He was having a good time with everyone, did I take pictures, well I thought about it last night, didn't even occur to me to take picutres during the event.
 Had to share this special little pillow Traci had sent me also, just love it, something I will always treasure with being a first time grandma.
 One of my handmades, just love the pattern, a Veenas Mercantile, very easy to make, love how she turned out, very primitive. More pinkeeps I have collected, this area is in my bedroom, love the reproduction lamp, they add so much to the primitive look.  The little red shoes are just part of  an ongoing collection of shoes I have.
 The seed bag dolls I just love making, very easy, primitive looking, another Drakestone pattern, just love her patterns.
 Another onof the seed bag dolls and the angel doll were special orders for the upcoming Friendship Tea.  The Rusty Relic will be hosting it next saturday, Feb. 11th, if you are in the neighborhood stop by, really great primitive shop.
 Well we are in the middle of rabbit season here, this rabbit is a hand painted one my sister had stitched up, can't remember the name of the pattern, this one has already been sold.
This rabbit is a creation of my sister, she is very talented, somehow my brain just does not go there, hopefully one day I will be able to create like she does.  This one is made from clay and sits on an old jar.  Just love the colors she used.  The little umbrella and on her back is a basket with eggs, just perfect for spring, she has already been sold, she is currently working on some smaller rabbits.  We hope to start offering some handmades for spring here on the blog sometime in March after we get the spring handmades finished for the spring open houses.  Just wanted to share a few things with you, hope everyone has a great weekend.  Rainy here today, perfect day for the great furniture move I am working on if I can get hubby to stay home long enough. LOL.  Will share some of that great move soon.  Hugs Vicky