Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Misi Display Chain, Bowls

This very large bowl was a gift from a good friend.
Another friend gave me this one, I have added eggs and little flower pillows for a touch of spring.

One I have gotten from my aunt. And the last one is my most treasued wooden bowl, my father had given me not long before he died. So I have put it in a bowl rack for safe keeping. The little wooden line winder with old blue fabric was purchased from my friend Justine over at My Cronynme Primitives. I hope you have enjoyed peeking at my bowl collection that is always growing. Vicky
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Display Chain Bowls

Misi over at 1890 is having her display chain on bowls this week. I have never done any of her display chains, so I thought I would try this weeks. I have lots of bowls, have always collected them especially the wooden ones. In this picture this bowl is from a friend of mine and I added a rabbit I just got from Brenda and the rusty thimble.
This bowl in in a bowl rack one of the girls husband makes that is in the antique mall with me. I added a old mason jar that has a glass lid on it that my father gave me. The fish tail bottle was a gift from my aunt when my uncle died. My father had given it to him.
These bowls are displayed in a blue bowl rack I just got from Tisha at Loafer Mountain.
This old yellow bowl was a gift from my father, I added some of my whisk broom collection to it. The little doll is a T.F.C. folkart bee doll. I just love bowls, I love anything you can put things into.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pictures of the happy dog family

Sadie, our yellow lab will be six years old next month. She had five puppies, and sometime late friday afternoon she had her sixth one. Five girls and a boy. All are doing fine, here they are all piled up in a bunch. Will be posting more pictures as the grow. Vicky
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Friday, February 18, 2011


Well been busy last two days, Sadie our yellow lab started having her pups yesterday morning.  Sadie is six years old and this is her first litter.  She had already had one when we went out yesterday morning in her box my husband had built for her.  Later we had let her out for a moment to go to the bathroom, she had one in the yard, husband had to help get that one back to box.  He went back again to check on her and saw a puppy on the outside of the fence.  Somehow he got through that fence and was cold, we had to bring him in and warm him up.  She didn't have anymore that afternoon, thought she was finished.  Two girls and one boy.  This morning when he went out she had two more, one was in the box and the other was outside the box and was not moving much, and was very cold.  My husband come running with it and put it in a heating pad.  She got to moving around finally wanting to nurse.  She is back out with her mother.  So we have three girls and one boy and one we don't know,  it was in the box and didn't disturb it this morning They are all black no yellow ones.  Hope to get pictures of Sadie and her pups over the weekend, will post pictures of the happy family.  Vicky

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boy or Girl

Well yesterday was a long day waiting to hear from my son, Chris and Brandi.  They had an appointment yesterday afternoon to determine whether it was a boy or girl.  Now I know what it will be like when it gets close to the due date, waiting on that phone call.  Will it be a little Lucy or Olliver?  Why is it when you are waiting for a phone call everyone else calls you, I had a call from one of my businesses I clean, my sister called and said OK what is it?  I don't know still waiting.  My son called a little before 5, he said mom guess what it is, you have a 50/50 chance.  Ok, I have been calling it a he the whole time, but I guess hey a girl might be nice since I never had one, so I said its a girl, it is an Olliver Quinn Huckaby, I was going go have a grandson.  Hey I knew all about boys, I was so excited.  Chris said they had several pictures of the baby, he had rubbed his face, and yawned while they were watching.  Can't wait to see the pictures.  My son called me back later, and asked if I would like to go next time they would be measuring the baby.  So on March 14th I get to see the little fellow.  I told my son that Brandi would love having a son, there was something between a mother and a son, something very special.  He said that was what people were telling her.  And then he said, sons love their mothers.  Ok, now on to the good stuff, I can start buying for Olliver,  finish up that room I started.  When the boys left home years ago, I had kept several things, teddy bears, leggos, a ton of those, and their little match box cars, and the best part I still have a couple of outfits that Chris had worn, can't wait to see Olliver in one of those.  July 27 th just can't get here fast enough. Congratulations Chris and Brandi on having a son.  Vicky

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mercantile Gatherings

Well just got my Mercantile Gatherings magazine.  It  is loaded with gardens and really nice pictures for those decorating ideas.  Has several patterns also, bunnies and angels.  Looking forward to sitting down later and getting some new decorating ideas.  Have you ever been in the mood to move furniture from one room to the next?  Thats the mood I have been in lately, just shake it all up.  Guess I have been in the house too long this winter.... I went up to the mall this morning and move some things around.  Added in a few items, I have been selling things out of my house so I can have more of the primitive things I love.  Took Anns things I had gotten from her when I went to her shop,  Country Heart, on Monday.  I took a few pictures, will post later, my cameras battery was low, so did't get as many as I wanted to take.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, suppose to be in the 60's here.  I think I will go out and soak up some of that sun, and read my magazine on my bench, ah yes can't beat that.  Vicky

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Springtime at Country Heart

I love the bunny sack at the top picture, and all those spring flowers really got me in the mood on that cloudy day I went to Anns shop.
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Spring has started sprouting at Country Heart

I went to Anns shop on monday to pick out a few items to go in the booth at Inman Antique Mall. I go up and go around to see what might be good to display in the booth. Ann has a lot of great items coming in for spring. I love the bunny at the top which reads It's the biggest one and it's all mine. Ann has a great shop in Shelby, N.C. I am so glad I came across her shop a couple of years ago, not only found a great country shop but also a great friend. Well of course when I go shopping for the booth I have to bring home treasures for me and I found some great ones. Will get them up soon. I will be going to the booth on friday, the booth is so empty after the holidays. So a breath of spring will be so inviting. Will post pictures this weekend. I can't wait to see how my new green creek primitives sign looks in the booth. Well I guess I have to go and get started, I have a big project day planned. Everyone take care. Vicky
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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Primitive Place Magazine

I just got home early this afternoon from going to Ann's of Country Heart, to pick out a few items to put in the antique booth.  Spring was starting to sprout in Anns shop.  I will be posting pictures later, have a few things to do before supper.  Well I went to the mail box and there it was, the new primitive place magazine.  I didn't really have time to look at it, so I left the wrapper on it.  OK, well I couldn't stand it any longer.  I decided I would just flip through it and then I could start supper.  OMG, can't wait to sit down later with my cup of coffee and soak it all up.  They have outdone themselves again.  This is going to be hard, waiting until I get home from work tonight.  Oh I forgot after work I have to go by the grocery store, I may be getting to bed late tonight.  Vicky 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring Handmades

Well I thought I would never get these pictures up.  Last night I sat down and loaded them and then I could not get them to were I needed them to put them on my blog.  So this afternoon I finally figured out another way to get them on.  So here are a few of my handmades.  I love to make carrots, and they were a great seller at  the antique mall last spring.  You got to have carrots were there are rabbits.  The pink and white bunny would be great in a childs room, it was made from an antique quilt.  The spring chicks I love to put in bowls or in a cupboard.  Rabbits just say spring, they look so great in those displays I have around the house and in my antique booth.  And speaking of spring I am going to Anns shop, Country Heart to pick out things that would go great in the booth.  Ann has so many nice things in her shop and she has made the booth look so great since she has joined my booth.  I hope to take some pictures of her shop to share with everyone of the new spring things coming in.  Hopefully I will be able to get them on the blog.  This machine has a mind of its own.  Vicky

Two Spring Bunnies

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Bunny Food

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Spring came in the mail today.

Well its been in the 30's today with a cold rain.  I didn't even bother to go out anywhere today.  Instead I decided to finish up some of those spring projects I have been working on.  I hope to have several finished by Saturday night so I can show you a few things.  I usually try to have projects in different finishing stages.  I always try to have something cut out and stitched, I do most of my stuffing at night.  It helps spring come a little faster when I get something finished and out for display.  Oh the mail man brought a little something for spring today, it was the latest Judy Condon book, Simply Country Gardens.  I flipped through the pages and my mouth started watering.  It was page after page of country gardens, I was starting to get all kind of ideas.  This book is really going to help in my planning stages for my gardens.  I especially liked the Mills Gardens on pg. 78 and the Walker Gardens on pg. 110.  Its just all good.  Hey is it spring yet, now I definitly in the mood to go out and play in the dirt.  Vicky

Thursday, February 3, 2011

15 weeks

That is how far along my daughter-in-law  is now.  Yes my youngest son, Chris and Brandi are  having there first baby, due on July 27th.  We are not sure yet what it is going to be, we are suppose to find out on Valentines Day.  It just seems like yesterday when Chris was a baby, but my baby will be 29 this May.  Darn it I want be able to be 29 anymore, OK I am 53 and proud of it.  People keep asking me what I would like the baby to call me.  I tell them whatever it comes up with will be alright with me.  Chris when he was little called my mother nanny, my husbands mother grandma.  There was a problem in his mind though, because my husbands grandmother was still alive, what was he going to call her.  Everyone in the family called her Ma, not Chris.  This what he came up with, my mother will now be called new nanny, husbands mom was still  grandma and his greatgrandmother would be called old nanny.  I don't think she new how to take to her new name that my son had given her.  Old nanny died last February at the age of 103.  My children got to enjoy having a greatgrandmother for a long time in there lives.  I just wished she had lived long enough to see another great greatgrandchild born.  So whatever the kid comes up with will be fine, well maybe not old nanny.  Vicky