Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Primitive Handmades

I love these herb chicks, they will be great in a basket or sitting in a cupboard, or in a wooden bowl.
 These fabric baskets are a Netty Lacroix design, great for eggs, rabbits, flowers, old sewing supplies, or strawberries placed in them.  I am still making more carrots, they seem to well in the spring at the booth.
 I fell in love with making black rabbits last spring, this is a T.F.C. folkart pattern, rupert the rabbit, was alot of fun to make.
 I fell in love with the black seed bag doll design from Drakestone primitives, my husband said he thought it was the best doll I have made. That means alot coming from him, he has always been real supportive.  The prairie baby turned out really primitive, she was a lot of fun making. 
 I love this black cat with the egg, he looks like he has something on his mind, like he is waiting for the egg to hatch.
 The prairie doll with the rabbit was another of my favorite dolls. I love the faceless ones, the rabbit just added some springtime fun.
 Another cute pattern I fell in love with is the chick with her bonnet, looks like she is ready for spring.
 I have been seeing pinkeep prairie dolls around, so I decided I had to make one, I love mixing the fabrics up.
 One of my favorite bunny patterns from pineberry lane, of course I love all her patterns, they are so unique.  I have made several of her patterns before and want to make others.
The spring chicks, well they just say spring, I love having them in spring displays, and they are quick and easy.  Well these are just a few things I have been working on.  I have several large rabbits in the finishing process, and can't wait to start on more primitive dolls, they are one of my favorite things to make and collect.  Will be going up next week to take things to the N.C. shops for their spring open houses.  Ann's of Country Heart has one next saturday.  Will be taking pictures to share.  Now back to creating more spring.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic array of Spring prims and they're all so adorable! Love them!
    Best wishes

  2. Wonderful job~ I love them all!

  3. I gotta say that I love the prairie doll with the bunny the best...too prim!


  4. Love all your handmades, but fell in love with the little spring chicks. They are adorable. You do such good work.

  5. Wonderful spring prims!! You do such a good job!! I love them all!!

  6. I really like all of them! So fun and festive for Spring! You did great!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Wow, you've been very all your prims! Love the carrots. I have Rupert too; just haven't made him or my carrots yet....

  8. They all turned out wonderfully! Especially like the chicks.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. You did a great job on all your creations! Thanks for sharing.


  10. When do you have time to sleep?lol So many adorable prims. Those herb chicks are cute.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  11. I am very interested in a bundle of 3 carrots. Do you sell on line?

  12. Looks like you've been super busy! Lots of great pieces!

  13. I Love them have been busy. The black bunnies and the yellow chick with the bonnet are just too darn cute!

  14. THEY ALL LOOK GREAT!!!! You have been very busy. I can not say the same. This weekend I didn't get much accomplished, but can't wait for tomorrow to get back to my bunnies. Keep up the wonderful work!

  15. Great handmades and yes I just love finding things that I have never seen before! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Looks great Vickie. Nice talent. :-)