Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For the Love of Old

Misi's Display chain was "Feature", it was left to us to decide what we wanted to display.  I wanted to say something about the father who gave me my love of old, and how it has affected my life.  This is the sign my father painted when I was little, it hung on his shop until he sold it when he became sick.  It was the only thing I wanted,  it brought back all those memories of working with dad, hunting all those items of old.  Dad didn't just find old items for his shop to sell, it was in his blood, he just loved each item, wondered where it had been and the stories it could tell, the more wear it had the better.  I am the same way, the more wear, falling apart it is, the more it seems it was used or well loved.

I love this old wooden winder with the early blue cloth with a mend in it, wondered whose hands had made it, and the little shoes, I have a growing collection of them, just makes you wonder who had them, and how many it was passed down to.

I love this old chippy blue cabinet so much I kept it, could not take it to the antique mall.  The old milk pitchers I have collected over the years.  The white one in the middle has a special memory, I had gotten it at dad's shop when I was in my teens, I had placed it among my keepsakes for my house when someday I would marry.

The cabinets here are not old, but the pewter collection is, I just love how it has darker with age.  The butter crock is special, it belonged to my uncle, who loved old things as well, my dad's youngest brother, him and dad where always on the hunt for the  old stuff.

This cabinet will always be very special.  In 2002 my dad bought his last estate sale.  It was an old house full of all kind of things.  I helped dad for two days loading two trucks making several trips to that old house.  This old wardrobe was in a closet.  I just had to buy it from him, it has been in my living room ever since, it has a mirror that pulls out and flips up so you can adjust your hat just right.  The little red rocker was mine as a child, it sits waiting for Oliver when he gets here and gets big enough to sit in it.  The love of old is something I will always be thankful for my father giving me.  I still miss him when I come across those very special old items.  I use to go by and show him what I had found, and sometime I would look out and in my driveway his truck would be there, he had come to show me his truck loaded with his newly found treasures.  Dad love of old was there to the very end, he had worked the flea market with his old wares just two days before he died.  Dad didn't leave much when he left this world but he left behind more than he could of imagined, a daughter that has his same passion, the love of old.  Vicky


  1. beautiful memories.....
    thanks for sharing.
    I love the emotional value in every piece.

  2. Such nice things you have and nice stories and memories to go with them.

  3. Vicky, your dad sounds a lot like my grandfather. Always finding a treasure. Those memories are something that can never be taken and you display everything so well as a symbol of those memories. Have a great day!

  4. Vicky your post brought tears to my eyes. You are so blessed to have had that connection with your dad. My dad wasn't a dealer, but was always hunting things for me. I really enjoyed this post. Love all your displays.

  5. Vicky
    You touched me with this post~ Like Betty ~ tears~
    beautiful memories~ love~ family~ treasures~ the love between a parent and a child~ the sharing and passing down of the simple/precious things in life!
    Such pretty displays!!
    thanks for sharing~

  6. How wonderful Vicky...what great memories!

  7. Vicky, Such a beautiful, moving post. You're so lucky to have had a father like that and he to have had a daughter that loved and admired him. TFS.

  8. Hi Vicky, What lovely memories you have about your father. I was able to have a similar example with my own dad...we did craft shows together until he passed in 1993. I still have many of his creations made from wood...with our own antique store, I often wonder who owned a piece...and especially my favorite prims that we have at home. Your displays are wonderful! Take care, Janice

  9. Wonderful treasures and memories...Thanks for
    sharing them with us. I loved it...

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  10. What great memories, and stories! I love the sign the best, since my last name is Morgan too! Best keepsake of all! OLM

  11. Thank you for sharing...not only the beautiful photos but also the wonderful memories! Love the furniture! (millstonemercantile)

  12. Vicky I LOVE the blue prim cupboard!!!

  13. Aww~ thanks for sharing some of your memories with us! Your Dad passed on a wonderful gift to you! Your home is just beautiful, and I know I could sit and look at all your treasures for hours and wonder about who used them too!
    Have a great week!

  14. Vicky... Such wonderful memories and displays... Blessings, Traci

  15. Your post brought tears to me also...what a special bond you and your father had. Thank goodness for the wonderful memories these old treasures help us to hang on to! ~*~Lisa

  16. Love love love the old sign!!! Great memories!!

  17. I loved your post! My Mom loved old things too, to this day, I feel guilty if i don't try and salvage something to its last use! Treasure your memories, they kindle the love in your heart and keep your Dad there with you in the joy of sharing your life still, in the things he once loved also. The heart remembers!

  18. I bet your Dad was and is so proud of you! What a great post in his memory!

  19. Hi Vicky,
    This whole post brought tears to my eyes.Your dad has to be so proud of you. What wonderful memories you have and pieces of the past also. I think it is great that you love the old stuff like he did...I love your photos...Lokks like we both adore the primitive..Have a great day...