Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Misi's Display Chain is Redo's

Well I didn's think I was going to be doing Misi's display chain this week, our power went out from a storm last night.  But it finally came on, so here are a few places I have been working on.  I have decided to make my kitchen a little more primitive  Here I added some old things and the stump dolls I have just gotten from Becky at the Crows Nest.

Here is the shelf I had gotten from Nanbrook Farm, the little tin pitcher, I had gotten from my dads shop.

I just love this bowl rack, the old bowl was given to me by my dad, I have just made a few of these chicks this spring.  I am planning to redo my kitchen countertops at some point and paint my cabinets a more primitive tone.  We are getting new wood laminte floors hopefully by this summer.

I just love collecting old butter paddles, mashers and rolling pins.  I just love anything wooden.

Heres another view of the shelf I had gotten in Tn.  I have just found this sign when I went back to Nanbrook Farm, my dad had a thing for signs, I remember seeing him paint alot of them when I was growing up.  Thats why you will see alot of signs in my house.

This hutch is one of my favorite, a friends husband made it, he has made several things for my house.  I moved it to this wall and added the bread boards and a game board and sign.  Thought I would kind of make it like a tavern.  I am going to order a black punch tin light to hang over the table.

This was were the hutch use to sit, I decided to move it when we had trouble getting by it when someone was sitting at the table, our family is growing, not my dining room.  I love this sign, found it at Amy's, Nanbrook Farm, thats were I got the tavern idea.  But isn't it neat?

Here I decided to hang an old rack I found at Primitive Gatherings in Tn.  Hung a few of my whisk brooms I collect and a handmade maple sugar tester I found.

Another picture of that corner of my kitchen.

I love bowl racks, this one looks really nice ontop of that large hutch.

I collect these shoes, these are unique that they are made out of blue velvet.

I just love this grouping, the blue box I had found in an antique mall in Va. the little shoes have a brown fabric on them.  Well thats just a few of the things I have been redoing, I am in the process of doing more, will be showing more pictures as I finish.  I am going more primitive and loving it.  Vicky


  1. Vicky,
    Everything looks amazing.
    I love all your goodies.
    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your wonderful hanging black doll. Did you make it?
    Also your wonderful bowl rack, do you remember where you got it?
    I'm drooling here!
    Off to look again!

  2. Vicky~

    Love,love,love it all.

    Have a terrific day~Becky

  3. Wow, I love everything in your kitchen! Love those dolls and like you said, I love old wooden things! I also have a little whisk broom collection. Just something about them that are so appealing!

  4. Hi Vicky ~ I am new to your blog & I love all of your prim decor !! I have been looking for paint & I love the color of your walls ~ would you mind telling me what color you used ? I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts !
    Thanks ~

  5. Prim Beautiful~love all patina~
    great displays!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the beauty~

  6. Vicky, Enjoyed looking at the pictures. Your prim house looks wonderful! Janice

  7. Vicky, I DROOLED right through this whole post. I love your home and display and furniture....breath taking!

    I really enjoyed your post.

    Spring Blessings,

  8. Everything looks great Vicky! The corner with the little desk might be my favorite. I love that you mention the things from your Dad...very special.

  9. Benita, The kitchen color is interactive cream from Sherwin Williams, its a little darker on the wall than it shows in the picture. I was going for a light maple sugar color. Thanks for asking. Vicky

  10. Hi Vicky, I love all your prims!! Everything is just prim perfect!! Wonderful treasures and you have them displayed so nicely. Thanks for all the pics, I enjoyed each one.

  11. Vicky,
    Im with Tricia , Im drooling can't pick a favorite your home is just Primtastic! thanks for sharing! I love old wooden things as well , and I do love that Tavern sign so cute. Enjoy your evening .
    lil raggedy angie

  12. Well I couldn't pick a favorite thing either! It's all just lovely as can be! I like signs too, words are very powerful!
    I think you are off to an amazing start, I have enjoyed my visit.

  13. All I can say is wow. You have so many nice goodies everywhere. I love it all. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  14. AWESOME! Every photo is so chuck full of prim goodness! I especially love the shelf from Nanbrook Farm . . . so unique!

  15. Hi Vicky... Love your displays, everything so primitively perfect. Butter paddles are my fav and love how you displayed yours..


  16. Vicky I like it all, but the round breadboards and that blue box, take the cake I think.

  17. Everything looks wonderful - beautiful treasures and displays!

  18. Oh my those shoes! Everything is just perfect.Enjoyed my visit.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  19. Thanks Vicky ~ A light maple sugar color sounds perfect to me ~ I'll try it out !!

  20. These all look so terrific! Love the dolls, esp. the hanging one, the signs & hutch & desk, I could go on & on!! Thanks for sharing all the fabulous displays!!

  21. Wauw...your blog is amazing!
    I am follow your blog.
    Please take a look at my blog, and step into my world.


  22. Vicky,

    Oh my Gosh ! What wonderful prim goodies and antiques.. I love each photo and Each grouping !

    Also love those spring photos on your prior post ! I miss the south in the springtime ! The dogwood is so pretty in the south and the spring magnolias and those dainty little lilac colored budding flowers on trees that I would see along the side of the road .. no, not lilacs.. I would love to know their name.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely prim decor !


  23. hey gal! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new decor! Keep up the good work! The desk looks fabulous! I"m jealous! hugs, Amy

  24. Wow, loved all the pictures of your home!!! Perfectly Prim!!!


  25. Wow your home is lovely...should be in a magazine. Thanks for entering my giveaway !