Friday, July 29, 2011

Tweaking with New Primitive Finds

 Been doing a little primitive tweaking since it has been so hot lately.  In June and July I went to a few shops, Settler's Crossin, Nanbrook Farm, Country Heart, Primitive Souls and Gatherings.  This stepback hutch is my favorite, a friend of mine husband made it years ago.  It sits in my tavern dining room. 
 I love the whaler table lamp I purchased from Wanda at Gatherings, she has some fantastic items, she is so kind to ship items to me.  The bottles I found at Nanbrook Farm and the two little fly screens at Settlers Crosin, love the table runner from Nanbrook Farm. 
 The small brown crock I picked up from my last trip to Settler's Crossin, love the old quilt used as a cover.  I had picked up the reproduction heart cutting board from Ann years ago.
 I love cabinets, decided to put this bittersweet cabinet on top of another one for right now, found it at Country Heart, love the candle scounce found it at splinter and rags.  This area needs something, just not quite sure what yet.
 Went to Gibson Mill for my anniversary this year, there is a fairly new booth there, Primitive Souls, I actually meet Norma that day, she was putting items in her expanded booth.  Love this hanging shelf.
 These pictures took dark, just not enough sun light in that room.  I have started collecting pinkeeps, fell in love with a few Amy had made at Nanbrook Farm. The one in the background I purchased from Settler's Crossin, just love makedo's.
 Another makedo pinkeep found at Gibson Mill, there are several primitive booths at this very large antique mall just outside of Concord, N.C., Nanbrook Farm, Country Heart, Primitive Souls, Ful O' Bright Ideas, and several others, great place to get lost in primitive finds.  I also collect covered books.
 Sorry for the dark pictures, I have been collecting winders for a while now, Wanda at Gatherings shipped this one to me, just love it.  A very old basket holds old gardening tools.
 Last time at Settler's Crossin I picked up this shelf, just perfect for my narrow hallway.  Another winder I had found, and a new doll, can't pass them up.
 Been tweaking with this arrangement, don't know if I am happy with it yet.  Another pinkeep, shoes, and a sampler.
 I have gone more primitive, especially in my kitchen.  I moved my desk out of the kitchen and put it under my new window shelf.  Moved my bucket bench in here, loaded it up with resent finds.
 Another bottle, found the peach butter jar at Gibson Mill and I love the bean jar, picked it up at Settler's Crossin.
 Found the old bowl at Primitive Souls, they do make furniture, know Norma's booth will be one of my favorites when I go to Gibson Mill.
 Another find from Gatherings, yes the last box Wanda shipped to me was huge.  Love the old nail kegs, this one has the biscuits label on it.
 Love the old pinkeep made from a snuff can, another bottle also picked up from Amy at Nanbrook Farm.
 This is the view at the end of my kitchen, my kitchen is long and narrow, and hardly no wall space.  I will be replacing the floor soon with a wood laminate and repainting my kitchen cabinets.
Fell in love with the corn from Gatherings, just love handmade items, think it really makes a home come together.  Well just a few items picked up along the way with my one day trips last couple of months.  Several of the shops will be having tax free weekend and yard sales the first of august, never know what primitive finds I will come across.  Everyone have a great weekend, I will be working on fall handmades, september is fast approaching.  Hugs. Vicky


  1. Caught my eye, that little doll in the chair the Biscuits container picture. All are just neat and you know all about them. If she has a story, tell us.

  2. Vicky, you have been busy!! I just haven't been into keeping up on my house lately. I'm in the create mode, so I've been working on fall. I have my own shop open house in Sept and another gathering on a farm in MN that I take too. Plus a few I have loads to do. Never enough time!! Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!!


  3. Gorgeous photos Vicky! You have such a talent ~ your displays have such a wonderful blend of colors and textures ~ simply beautiful!

  4. Love all of your new treasures and your home is prim perfect.

  5. What a beautiful home you have. i love all your treasures...Primtastic!

  6. Hello Vicky, Hope you are Well and Goode...thanks for stopping by our blog at Olde Mill Primitives. Wow, we love your Primitives too. We welcome you, so good to meet you.

    Becky at ~Olde Mill Primitive~

  7. Hi Vicky ,your home is amazing!Love all of your goodies,especially the pin keeps.Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

  8. Hi, Vicky~
    Okay, I have been on your blog off & on all day~ just browsing the neat items & the perfectly prim displays~ kind of got lost in all the beauty!!
    Love the bittersweet stacked on top of the other cabinet!! The stepback~ wonderful & the display is arranged just so!!!
    Still upset tha you didn't call me to go shopping!!LOL~ Wonderful finds~
    Hugs to you~ made my day fill up of inspiration!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful! What great items you have -- all displayed wonderfully! You have quite an eye.....
    Thanks for sharing and giving us gals some inspiration -- sometimes in the heat of the summer I don't do as much in the house as I should. These pics of your home may just give me the little push I need!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Hi Vicky~

    Love the pics of your home.You have many wonderful pieces. Thanks for sharing all your prim eye candy.

    Enjoy your weekend~Becky

  11. Hi Vicky~ love everything! Looks great. I NEED that green chest!!!!! Have a fun weekend and hug Oliver lots!!

  12. Vicky, you have such wonderful things. Your pictures are just too good to look through one time. I could just 'stay" here. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  13. Vicky~ Wonderful prim displays.Loving the trenchers and the corn is one of my favorites.I must be corny because I'm always drawn to Blessings!~Amy

  14. Loved looking at all your pictures! My kind of stuff!!

  15. I want to go to Gibson Mill!!!!
    I love that wood bowl! Your displays are awsome!
    I always enjoy your pics!
    Hows Oliver today?

  16. I just love all your brown colors. It's so primitive and they blend so well together to create such an inviting home. Thanks for sharing with us. ~Ann

  17. First of all, congrats on being able to bring Oliver home. How did he do his first night? Then - oh my gosh!!! What great prims you've been finding. One of these days I want to go to Nanbrook Farm so bad (and Gibson Mill too). Have fun putzing with your new treasures, Dawn

  18. Vicky, Love all the wonderful Prim displays. No way I could pick a favorite. All the pictures are so inviting. Sounds like you shopped some really great places. Thanks for making me drool!


  19. Love all your new goodies and the way you have them displayed. Prim Perfect is what I would call it. What a neat collection of winders.

  20. HI Vicky,
    Congratulations on bringing Oliver home! What a sweet peanut he is!! So happy for you after all you have been through!
    Your new finds and displays are just wonderful!! My Mom and sisters live in NC and it looks like I need to go for a visit soon, not just to see them, but to see all these amazing places there!! Wow!!
    Thanks for the inspiration and I hope Oliver continues to get stronger each day!
    Blessings to you~~

  21. Hi Vicky, Your pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have emailed you several times about winning my giveaway. I need your address to ship it out to you. So when you have a chance, could you please check your emails. Thanks Vicky :) My Best ~Kimberly

  22. Oh! Your blog is so neat. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to return and read some more. -Steph-

  23. wow your blog is amazing and Im so glad I found it!!! LOVE the prims!!!!

  24. Hi Vicky, Since I didn't recieve your email:( could you contact me through my esty shop or ebay with your address. I checked my spam box etc. I still haven't got your email, computer must have ate it! Love to get your doll you won out to you. My Best Kimberly

  25. Vicky, the Bittersweet Window Cupboard looks right "at home" on the wall in your house! So glad I got to see you that day at The Depot!
    Hope to see you again soon! Norma

  26. HI Vicky, You sure can put things together! Love it! Have a nice evening...

  27. Hi Vicky, great finds and love the pictures! You have a good eye for putting things together. Lori

  28. Love the tweaking you did! Great pics!!! How do I get me some of those corn cobs you got from Gatherings? Do they ship? How is Oliver? Take care, Janice