Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Homecoming for Oliver

 Little Oliver has finally come home after being in the hospital for 12 weeks, he now weighs 5 lbs. 11 ozs. On Wednesday, July 27 th, which was actually his due date, the time had come we have all waited for, his coming home. 
 They finally got him home around 2 pm that afternoon, he slept the whole time we gathered as a family.
Proud daddy holding Oliver for the first time in his home, so happy all the hospital visits are behind them.
 This is my eldest son Justin, he finally got to see and hold Oliver for the first time, he had only seen him through pictures I had taken.  He had kepted up with everything going on with him being in the hospital.
 Actually Justin just turned 32 years old on Tuesday July 26th.  What a great little gift holding his nephew.
 I decided we should celebrate with a cake just for Oliver.  Actually my husband started cake buying for me when I had Justin, I remember the cake was blue and it said "thanks for the boy" on it.  My husband decided this is what it should say on Oliver's cake.  Oliver is truly a miracle and a blessing.
 Chris is trying to burp Oliver, took his bottle without waking up good, the kid was just out of it.  In the background you can see Oliver's other grandmother, Tammy.
 No burp yet, just leave me alone, trying to get a little sleep here.  Been a long day, Chris said the night before they stayed at the hopital with Oliver in a room, it was so hot, air was not working good  and there was a single bed, he tryed to sleep in the chair.  And on top of that the little clip on baby monitor kept going off everytime Oliver's breathing got a little rapid.  They all had a long night and day. 
 Wanted to capture a picture of Oliver in his homecoming outfit.  Brandi picked out a cute outfit with the tie on it.  Love the little booties, looks like sneakers.  There is a sneaker story, Brandi loves converse sneakers, has about every color they make.  They actually got married in black converse sneakers.  Oliver already has a pair of converse sneakers when he gets big enough to wear them.
 Here is Katie, Brandi's sister.  Katie is due anytime, she is expecting a boy also, his name is going to be Jonah.  It will be great that Oliver and Jonah will grow up together. 
 This is the first time Katie had gotten to see Oliver and hold him.  She wanted her and Justin to be the first, since they could not get into the hospital to see Oliver, only the grandparents were on the list, could only have four people.  Can't wait to see little Jonah when he is born.
This picture was taken on my anniversary earlier this month, a blessing for me, my two sons.  It is so nice that they still turn to each other when they need help, they just live down the road from each other, and now Justin can watch little Oliver grow up and be a part of his life.   I am so glad Chris has come to know what it is like to have a son of his own, to watch him grow up and attend all those school award programs, baseball games and finally to see him become a man, what a blessing that will be.  I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing little Oliver's homecoming, thank you also for all your support, prayers and emails, they all meant a lot to me over the last 12 weeks.  Hugs.  Vicky


  1. Hi Vicki, congrats on bringing baby Oliver home!!!! I bet his parents are thrilled to bring home their new bundle of joy!
    Enjoy this little guy because he's going to grow up so fast you'll wonder where the time has gone! Have a great weekend and enjoy holding that little peanut in your arms!!!! So sweet and innocent!



  2. What a wonderful post -- so happy for the whole family that Oliver is home!!

  3. Vicky, how exciting!! Now you can go over and spoil him whenever you like!! Always a sigh of relief when they make it to the love of home!! Have a great day!!


  4. VICKI ,
    CONGRATS TO OLIVER !!! So glad he got to come home ! he now weighs what Princess did when she came home ! she was 6 weeks early ! He has grown by leaps and bounds and such a lil miracle indeed! thank you so much for sharing all the pics , I am so happy for you all ! Enjoy ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  5. Hi Vicky...I know you are soooo glad to finally have Oliver you can officialy start to spoil him rotten! Blessings to you and your family.

  6. The cake said it all! I am so thankful you got to bring him home. You will be surprised how fast he will grow.

  7. Yeah for Oliver!! What a blessing to have him home!

  8. Happy Homecoming to Oliver and ALL of his special family. I know how excited you all must be and so relieved. Great family pictures. And to have a cake, such a sweet idea and gesture.Can't wait to see pictures as he grows and flourishes with all the love that he is surrounded with. Great post, and I am so thankful for his progress. I still pray for him and his family every night.

  9. Vicki this is so wonderful! You all look so happy on this special day.Where is a picture of you holding him?

  10. Yeah for Oliver! He is so very sweet, and I am so happy that he is doing so well! Love his name~ and I am betting he and Jonah will have lots of adventures together!
    Have a great night.

  11. Wonderful news~ Wonderful exciting post!!
    thanks for sharing the joy with us!!

  12. YIPPEE!!! I am so glad to hear Oliver is home where he should be!!!!! OLM