Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall gatherings

 Where does time go, its been a month since I have posted anything, I have had a couple of emails making sure I am ok.  Yes I have had so many things going on since Oliver came home, lots of keeping him and sewing fall handmades, and of course working.  Seems like time just gets away from you.  I have not been able to keep up with everyone's blogs, hoping things will settle down again soon. I thought I would share some items I have made for fall, most of these have already been sold.  Love the pears, this year I decided to paint them instead of using fabric, these are great sellers.
 The pumpkin tucks are great bowl fillers, never can have enough pumpkins for fall, I love all sizes.
 I think this was one of my favorite things I have done this fall, this is a Kentucky Primitives pattern, great for a cabinet display.  Thinking of making another set of these for my fall display.
I love this pattern, these are church dolls, a drakestone pattern, very easy to make, I dressed them in fall colors and they are rag stuffed.
 I have ordered several items for my house, fall is my biggest time of the year I decorate.  This one brought a smile to my face, just love looking at him.  I ordered him from Marie, Prims by old lady morgan.
I fell in love with pumpkin people last year, this one I ordered from Kimberly, The red cupboard, she makes really outstanding dolls. Can't wait to find the perfect spot for her when I start fall decorating.
 This is the doll I won from Kimberly when she had a drawing, love how she looks in the cupboard.
 A couple of items I have made, Miss Deerfield, a Netty Lacroix pattern, she will be holding a pumpkin.  And a sweet pumpkin folk, sweetpea pattern, love making her.
 If you want some great pumpkin folk, bittersweet folkart has some great patterns, this one is hallow jack, still need to do some tweaking on these.
Some items for my fall decorating, lots of great berries and leaves, picked them up at hobby lobby, I have more in the closet, ok I go a little wild when it comes to fall decorating. Of course some pumpkins, I found these last year, always looking for more pumpkins.  I kepted seeing the corn pumpkin guy, a too far gone design, can't wait to put him out, love the shelf, or can lay it flat on a table for a display.  More pumpkin heads in need of being put on their bodies. 
 I ordered this from Mandy, bittersweet folkart, he will look great sitting among all the fall decore, I love collecting from other designers.  I have the pattern, he is one of the ones whose head is on the table. 
 A new shelf, love this one, I can either hang it, sit it on another cabinet and leave it on the floor.  And of course more pumpkins, I have this thing for pumpkins, love the bittersweet sign, one of my favorite berries.
And here is me holding Oliver last saturday, his parents decided they wanted some together time, so off to the movies they went.  Oliver is now 8 lbs. and is a very good baby.  Brandis sister Katie had her baby August 2nd, Jonah weighed 9 lbs 4 ozs., it will be nice for Oliver and Jonah to grow up together, they are exactly 3 months a part.  Oliver will be 4 months old on friday, where does time go.  He was actually awake here, he still sleeps a lot.  Well just wanted to say I am still here, trying to finish up lots of fall handmades, Nanbrook Farm and Country Heart will be having their open houses on September 10th, and the Rusty Relic will have theirs on September 17th, if you are in the area, drop by.  I will try to take pictures and post them.  Everyone have a safe labor day holiday.  Now back to my sewing, their are some heads that need their bodies.  Hugs.  Vicky


  1. Vicky~ Wow you have some wonderful Fall prims! Smiled when I read busy with Oliver.So happy he is doing well and your getting lost in his sweetness.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Awesome fall prims, they are really beautiful. Oliver is so cute.

  3. Just love all your fall goodies!...wonderful post, and Oliver is sure looking great..where does the time go? You have a safe Labor day as well!

  4. Hi Vicky - wowsers you have been a busy gal! Love all that you have created and your evergrowing collection, too!

    Great news about Oliver, he's getting so big and looks just as comfy as can be in Grammie's arms..


  5. Awwwwww, Vicky, Sorry but have to tell you how precious Oliver is before I comment on the fall decor. He is growing and I am so proud you let us see a picture. When Holly was that small, she lay on my chest just like little Oliver is with you and was so content. They told us it was because she could hear our heart beat and reminded her of the womb. Glad you got to watch him for awhile. NOW,,,, Love all the fall goodies. My favortie is the pumpkin folk with the ticking clothes. I think they look great. But I love the rest of your decor as well. We have our big show this weekend, then a trip to Ohio. Will begin my fall decorating when we get back. Hopefully I will have lots of new prim goodies to share. Hoping you have a great week and Labor Day weekend

  6. Your baby Oliver is just so beautiful and precious, a true gift from God.

    I love all your pumpkin people. I just want to come and play with them all myself, they are that terrific. I think if I had them all, I would walk the floors all night long going from cupboard to bench to chair just enjoying their sweet faces. Thanks so much for sharing them all!

  7. Woo Hoo! Can't wait to see pictures after you get all your fall decorating done. I'm slowly getting in the mood to start at home now that the shop is done. You sure have some great pieces! Oliver is a dolly, bet you can hardly keep your hands off him. Enjoy, Dawn

  8. Hi Vicki!
    Look at that sweet little guy! I am sure you are loving being a Grandma! There's nothing like the baby smell. So sweet.
    Love all your creations,and that of others! Beautiful! I hope you have a good rest of the week!

  9. Oliver is a darling little guy! Love all of your wonderful Fall goodies and your creations! Hope that you have a wonderful week and weekend!Hugs,Jen

  10. Vicky I love that sweet picture of you and Oliver!!!!1 I think holding a baby is one of the best feelings in the world.
    Your Fall decor is awsome and your new cupboard is such a perfect size and you have a 3 in 1 piece that you can use anywhere. Love your decorating.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  11. A lot of neat fall items! Love the little church dolls! Oliver is so precious!

  12. Hey Vicky, Love all your pictures, but I must say that last one is the best. He is a beautiful baby. Enjoy

  13. Hi Vicky! LOVE THE PIC OF YOU AND SWEET OLIVER!!! HE'S SOOO DARLING!!! All your goodies look wonderful!!! FALL IS SO MUCH FUN!!! So nice to see a post from you! Enjoy your precious time with Oliver and happy fall decorating! All My Best ~Kimberly

  14. My, my,my. You have been busy. I would just hold that baby all day long. Your bowl fillers are very nice. I love the church dolls. -Steph-

  15. VICKY , GREAT NEW GOODIES ! I have been worried too but knew you must be just snugglin up lil Oliver lots :0) O I love the new pic of you two he is so very very precious and sweet ! Take care of yourself and hope we can all get our work done so we can catch up in blog land ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  16. Hi Vicky!...I just wanted to pop on over and say thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind words about my decor...I am loving what I'm seeing here on your blog!...wonderful wares!


  17. LOVE all the prims....awesome!!!!!

  18. Hi Vicky, Little Oliver isn't going to be "little" for long! He's a sweetie and I know you're just loving being a grandma! Love all your prim goodies...especially your church dolls! Hope to see you again soon! Norma @ Primitive Souls

  19. Vicky, Little Oliver looks so happy there in Grandma's arms!!!
    Love your start on decorating, so many wonderful prims! And to get out to some fall open house with Oliver, and bonus! OLM