Friday, November 4, 2011

Oliver turns 6 months old

 Well Oliver turned 6 months old on Wednesday, Novermber 2nd, how time flies.  Brandi decided to have some pictures made where Chris works, they have some real pretty areas on the grounds there. You can see Oliver wearing his little converse sneakers.  Brandi just loves converse sneakers, they actually wore the black one at there wedding.
Brandi went back to work on Wednesday, so I got to keep Oliver that day, was suppose to keep him on Thursday and Friday, but I have come down with a sinus infection, we have to be careful with him, so his daddy is enjoying keeping him for the last two days.  Oliver is a pleasure to keep, he is just so happy and pleasant, loves to smile and make little noises.  One of his favorite things to do is to be read to, he listens and looks at the pictures in the book, it is amazing that he is so attentive when being read to.  I kepted a story book from when I was a little girl, I remember my dad reading it to me.  When my boys were growing up I read it to them and now I am reading it to Oliver, hopefully it will be passed to his children.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to keep Oliver until he goes to school, it will be a time I will always treasure.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, I know there are a lot of open houses this weekend, I am going up to N.C. to the shops there with my sister, Brandi and her mom, will share all the goodies with you next week along with some of the hand mades my sister and I have made this year.  Take care, Hugs Vicky


  1. awww Vicky he is so precious you can just see in his pics hes a pleasant baby thanks for sharing ! Times flies way too fast , reading is special to me and my kids as well something I have done since before they were born! I hope you get feeling better soon and have a great weekend! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. What a cutie pie Vicky!! So snuggly!! I wish my "baby" would let me snuggle her more :( Oh well, maybe it's time for another one!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. My goodness Vicky, it's hard to believe that Oliver is 6 months old! Enjoy every single minute and spoil him absolutely rotten with hugs and kisses....
    Such a sweet picture of Brandi and it


  4. Oh my he is precious.Hard to believe by those chubby cheeks and sweet smile he had such a rough start.You are blessed.Have fun at the open houses and shops.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. He is amazing, such a beautiful baby! Hope you find some fabulous treasures to share!

  6. Have a good time and Oliver 6 months already! wow!
    Hugs friend!

  7. Vicky, He is getting so big!!! The time really goes by so fast...sigh.... Enjoy shopping! Can't wait to see what treasures you find! OLM

  8. Hi Vicky~

    Oliver is such a cutie & getting so big!! Love his little shoes!!

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  9. Vicky, what a beautiful, healthy looking baby! He is adorable and I thanked God when I saw these pictures. Enjoy NC