Monday, December 5, 2011

My Love of Old Charleston, S.C.

 My hubby and I took a trip to my favorite old city, Charleston, S.C., if you have ever been you know what a special place this is.  Its like stepping back in time when you walk down the old streets, just in amazment of the old houses that still stand until today, some dating back to the 1600's.  This house located on Meeting Street is especially special to me, I stayed here with my parents when I was a baby back in the late 1950's, no I don't remember it but my mother said she remembers rocking my in an old rocker and they stayed for 5.00, now it costs you 350.00 to 479.00 per night for two.  It just took my breath away just standing in front of it that night with all those lights, lighting up its glory.
 A side entance gate all decked out with the lights, you will see a lot of iron gates and gas lights in this city.
 Another view of the house, you can see the shell design used on this house, known  for this feature.
 Don't you just love this big old porch, would love to have something like this on my house.
 Better view of the sea shell design used under the window of the upstairs.  Loved the lights used in the yard.
 This is one of the old churchs downtown, it was a little cold that night, just perfect for taking a few pictures of all the decorating that has begun in this old city.
 Tried here to capture some of the gas lights that you see so much of not only on businesses but also among the old houses here. 
 This is a picture of the same house in the daytime, one of the most pretty houses in this city.
 I have been walking these streets since I was a little girl and I never get tired of it.  My father loved Charleston, so we came several times a year, we would come down to sell our antiques at the old slave market downtown.  I didn't get a picture of the old slave market, they have changed it a lot, mostly things made in china sold there now, now antiques.
 Since I have been married, hubby and I would bring our kids down to continue the tradition I have always known, making a trip down several times a year to step back in time, giving my kids a since of their past history, not only of how I grew up loving this old town, but giving them a lesson in history. Don't you just love the old porches.
 One of the old churches downtown, its amazing how detailed things were back then.  Love the round window.
 Some of the old grave markers in the old church graveyard, I just love wandering through them looking at the dates and who are buried in them.
 More in that same church yard, some of them are even starting to crumble, after years of being in the sea air.
 There are carriage rides you can take along the old streets of Charleston, I have taken a few of them, nice to hear about the history as you ride buy the old houses.
 This house I have been in for a tour, just beautiful.  I also has beautiful gardens around it.  Will have to take pictures of the garden in the spring when we go back.
 Love this house how it sets back on the property, the porches were all decked out for the season.
 Another carriage touring the city, my kids always liked taking the rides through the streets, they learned a lot about the history as they rode.
 This park is down at the battery, in fact it is across the street in front of the first house I showed you.  My sons  always loved looking at the cannons.
 This house sits on the corner across from the park at the water, it is amazing how these houses have stood through all these years and storms that have passed through.
 Another house at the battery, love the green shutters with the wreaths, just beautiful.
 This is another house I have toured, really nicely done inside.  I want to take Oliver when he gets bigger, give him a sense of the history down here.
 I have walked this battery a many a time over the years, it just feels like home when I come down, my stress of life just seems to melt away.
 I just love this old house, it goes way back on the property, can't see all of it. You can just imagine people back then on their porches to catch a breeze during the hot summertime.

 A view of the park from the battery, we have had several pinics with the kids there over the years, can't wait to bring Oliver, have pinics, take boat rides and tour the different areas around town, and of course take a buggy ride, he will just love the horses.

 This old plantation house actually stand in a wildlife refuge in Georgetown, S.C., my hubby and two sons will be duck hunting down there before christmas.  Beautiful house, could not get inside.
This is an area across from the house.  I hope you enjoyed going on a little tour of my favorite old city.  I don't get down as much as I use to, but when I do, its like stepping back in time, a time when life was a little slower and less stressful.  Going down to Charleston also brings me closer to my dad, hard to believe its been 5 years since his passing, dad loved this town so much, I think that is one reason I love coming so much, to go antique shopping while I am there, just brings back memories of my childhood of selling our wares downtown Charleston.  I did find several goodies while I was gone, one very old soap box and a crock, also picked up some books for Oliver.  I will post pictures hopefully later this week of some of my goodies I have found over the last few weeks while attending the open houses and also some of my decorating.  Oliver is doing well, just turned 7 mos. , he is right on target were he needs to be according to the doctors since he was 3 mos. early, just growing and trying to cut his first tooth.  Well need to get back to doing a few things around the house today, everyone take care.  Hugs.  Vicky


  1. Breathtaking photos~ I felt like I just visited Charleston~ oh, my thank you for sharing love big old homes~

  2. I loved the tour. Thank you so much. I have always wanted to visit S.C. since I was a child. Some day I will go there. Are those palm trees? I never associated palms with S.C. I love the plantation. Beautiful. -Steph-

  3. Thank you for the tour, I would love to go sometime. I love old houses! Hope Oliver enjoys his first Christmas. I know he is a joy to you all!

  4. Vicki, I haven't been to Charleston in years! Know what? I am going back. I just loved the tour with you. I love the old houses and the verandas. I can envision the women sitting there having tea in their beautiful gowns. I enjoy the buggy rides and The Battery is just so full of history. Yes a trip to Charleston will be in my plans next summer.Thank you.

  5. What a beautiful city! We are planning on visiting this Spring....Thanks for the tour. I am glad you gave us an update on Oliver, I was going to ask how he was doing. I know you are going to have a wonderful Christmas with him! :)

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. My daughter and her family live nearby in Summerville. My oldest granddaughter was born there and I look forward to visiting there now that my daughter has moved back! The Meeting Street Inn is one of our favorites too! The interesting thing is that we can't find any of the neat shops there that we find elsewhere! All the shops are full of things made in China, just as you said. We've managed to find a few places toward Summerville but not much. I'm not sure how far away your shop is from Summerville, but I'll pass it on to my daughter!

  7. Enjoyed the tour! Love looking at older homes..they just do not make them like they use to. Take care, Janice

  8. Hi Vicky, We vacationed there many years ago and I was blown away with the old city. Loved every part of it. We went to the slave market but the day we went it was storming. We also toured several plantation homes but don't remember which ones. I would love to go back there one day. I loved the old churches and the history the city is so famous for. Thanks for the tour. Yes, you will have fun seeing the city thru the eyes of Oliver. Let me tell you it is so much fun sharing things with our grandchildren. Makes me feel young again seeing things thru their eyes. You take care. Give Oliver a special hug from me.

  9. I love Charleston but have never been when it is decorated for Christmas - absolutely beautiful! TFS.

  10. Beautiful Vicky!! I would love to be able to visit Charleston some day :)

  11. oh my gosh...I love Charleston but have never been there for Christmas. It's beautiful!! Have you ever eaten at the Hominy Grill? Fantastic Shrimp and Grits! Thanks for sharing....and my husband thanks you for putting a new idea in my head for our anniversary (which is right before Christmas - lol!)