Monday, August 6, 2012

Decorating with Summer Blues

 When I started decorating with more primitive items they fit so well the the earthy tones I have in my house, all the fall tones in the autumn, I add in more reds for the winter, well when it came to last spring and summer, what could I add to give it just a little amount of color for summer.  I started collecting more blues, and I have fallen back in love with the color again. Back in the early summer, hubby and I took a very quick trip to see a friend of mine, Bonnie, she owns Primitive Gatherings shop in Tn.  Well she had so many items I could use to decorate for the summer season.  I picked up the little blue cabinet, didn't know where I would put it, the walls are getting full here.  I decided to move a couple of areas around, so I put it up on top of the step back cabinet for now.  I also picked up the basket and blueberries at her shop, just love the berries, good ones are hard to find.
 OK, had to throw in a picture of Oliver with his dad, taken earlier this summer, just love his new hat.
 Here I have taken a reproduction dough box, and added some blue bowls I have recently purchased, along with the doll and some red flowers.  I like changing out this box every season, it sits on my dining room table.
 I had this bowl rack in my kitchen in the spring, moved it back in here, added the red bowl and little dolls, some rag balls, and throw. My bedroom is done in reds, blues, browns.
 Wanted to share my new blue quilt, finding the perfect blue is hard, actually it is a little darker than the picture show.  I change it out in the fall and winter with a red quilt.
 This area above an old pie safe used for clothing in my bedroom, gets changed out with the seasons also, her used some blues for the summer season.
 This area next to the bathroom I have just added, wanted to share with you the little doll, all done in blue.
The fireplace gets a new look this time of the year, here I placed the little old childs wagon chair, a recent purchase this summer along with it the doll all done in blue and the little pillow.  Well hope you enjoyed seeing some of my summer decorating, thought I better show it to you before the house gets decked out for the fall season.  I will be sharing some other summer items with you, a tour of my garden and and summer wedding.  Well need to get back to my fall handmades, I have body parts everywhere, fall is fast approaching.  Everyone take care.  Hugs Vicky


  1. Wonderful !
    I enjoyed your home pics
    many thanks for sharing ~


  2. You have some very wonderful pieces to decorate with Vicky! Blue is so calming and never goes out of style in a primitive home! Yours is fantastic!
    Thank-you for sharing your home with us!!
    Cathy G

  3. So glad to see your pictures again, it all looks fantastic! Oliver is growing like a weed. Your house sounds like home, I have body parts everywhere today too! Looking forward to more pictures, Dawn

  4. Thanks for sharing all the pics of your great summer blues!! I, too, love blue and try to incorporate here and there and everywhere! Your home is an inspiration...
    Oliver is getting so big.... what a cutie!

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Your rooms flow so nicely together which is fun as then you can change things from room to room if you wish and it still all goes together. Thank you for sharing your summer decorating. I'll look forward to seeing what you do for fall. Lori

  6. What beautiful prims you have and so nicely displayed.
    Love your color combination, very warm and cozy!


  7. You have a lot of neat prims and I like how you have them displayed! Oliver is so cute in his hat!

  8. Hi Vicky, Loving Oliver with his hat! He is too cute. Now I was really enjoying the photos of your prim perfect home and then you ended the post. I could have looked all evening. Love the blue cupboard and all the wooden items. You have them displayed so pretty. A beautiful place you call home. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oliver has grown! He's so cute!
    Love all your blues!

  10. Hello, wonderful prim decorating, love it. Sweet baby boy. Blessings Francine.

  11. Oh My Vicky,

    First and fave of course is Sir. oliver!!! Love that hat!

    So many wonderful new treasures my friend..not sure which I like best... love them all but that pillow in the last photo, super sweet!
    I am with you, body parts, pumpkin heads...everywhere... made alittle head way today... 7 pumpkins done! 2 witches started! OLM

  12. Love the blue shelf! So cute! I also love the collection above your pie safe. That piece on top really unifies the vignette. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love to get ideas from them!

  13. As usual, things look just beautiful! I like the blues, I also like the greens, I am trying to wean myself from the reds and the browns, which seem to be my go to colors.
    You have a knack for your displays. Oliver sure is growing and just enjoy every minute!
    God bless

  14. Everything looks beautiful as always, vicky.Of course we have to throw these babies in there. We all love to see him as we all prayed for him. Have a wonderful rest of the summer.

  15. Hi Vicky~

    Love all your blues. Blues are my favorite to decorate with.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky