Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden Tour

 Gardens nourish the soul, a sign I have hanging in my garden, and I really believe that is true.  Every spring I can't wait to get into my flower gardens and see what has come back from last year and what I can add for the coming season.  I hope you enjoy my little gardens spread out throughout my yard.
 Added a bench in the back of this long fenced area on the side of my house.  I added one of my favorite birdhouses on top, you can just barely see it peaking through.  I love all the purples and yellows I added this year.
 This is just below the last picture, just  right before you enter the back yard.  Some of my tall phlox didn't come back here this year, the corner in the back was just full of them last year, need to think of something tall to go in maybe this fall, so it will be back in the spring.  Love the old looking bird feeder, just adds the right height to this bed.  Throught out my garden you will see lots of signs I have collected, some read, bumble bee crossing,  To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow, and olde garden tools, I am always on the lookout for garden signs they add so much to a garden.
 This large planter sits in an area where I have a bench area next to the fireplace chimney.  This area gets changed out with the seasons.  So glad I took this picture a few weeks ago, this large planter of flowers, well it didn't make it through the very hot days we have had, can't wait to fill it with pansies.  This area is one of my favorite places to sit outside, just too hot this summer to do so.  I plan to make up for lost time this fall.

 This bed sits at the corner of driveway.  I had changed it some this year, added stepping stones, they have dragon flies on them and made a little path to the birdbath.
This is a very large bed that sits in my front yard.  I have all sorts of seasonal flowers that bloom throughout the season here, along with some large pots added for interest.  You can barely see the little blue wagon that sits in the front of this bed, it is up next to a tree.  I love to put pumpkins in it for the fall season.  Well just a few of my flower beds this year, there is one in the back of the house I didn't get to this year, it turned so hot, I had to stop being outside.  I hopefully will get back in them this fall for some redoing while you can still buy some flowers before winter.  This time of the year my beds start looking a little over grown, it is so humid and hot here in the south, and I have asthma, so it prevents me from being outside, can't wait to the cooler time of the year when I can be outside again playing in my flower beds, nourishing my soul.  Everyone stay cool,   Vicky


  1. Vicky ..what a beautiful garden you have !!
    thanks for sharing ~

  2. You have a beautiful yard - thanks so much for sharing it! I went on a yard & garden tour on Saturday - there were 16 homes included. Some were ho-hum and some were spectacular. I love seeing what other people do!

  3. Your gardens are gorgeous, and it is so nice to see something GREEN!

  4. I love to get my hands dirty gardening and your gardens are lovely!


  5. Hello, what a wonderful garden tour, really enjoyable. Lovely flowers and goodies tucked here and there. Great gardening,Blessings Francine.

  6. Love all your pictures! Just have to ask, where did you get the bottle doll in your previous post? My friend, The Funky Tennessee Artist, makes these. She sold for Rebecca's Thyme, Old Thyme Marketplace and us. So fun to see one of creations at your house! Thanks, Dawn

  7. Vicky love strolling through your gardens!

    Terra Cotta items are one of my favs for a garden.
    Love your place!

  8. Vicky I love being in the garden!! Your garden is so lush and green. The lack of rain has really hit everything here in Northern Iowa hard!! We did get almost 4 inches in the last 5 days, so maybe it'll help!! Enjoy your garden all you can :)


  9. Hi Vicky, Just beautiful is what I say! Such pretty colors
    and they all look so good together! We are dried up here in Indiana.....

  10. I thought it was a pay to tour garden. You have got to be so pleased with this. Wow. I loved the tour. BTW, do you have date yet?

  11. Beautiful gardens Vicky! Take care, Janice