Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Oliver and I continued today with our cookie baking tradition.  I started this last winter with him.  Last month we made pumpkin and leaf cookies, this month we made turkey cookies made from gingerbread with raisins for eyes and chocolate sprinkles for their feathers, he loves putting the decorations on them.

Turned out really good and yes they tasted good too, Oliver can tell you that, he had three.

Oliver got into the rolling out part this time, I remember doing this with his dad and uncle, I still have the cookie book I purchased from school when my boys were young.  Its the little moments like this that you will treasure for a life time.  Vicky 


  1. I did this with all of my grands and have started doing it with Mollie and Andrew. This year Amelia(our 2lb 4 oz preemie) will join us. she is 18 mos old and a busy little girls. Oliver sure is growing. I remember praying for him

  2. Oliver loves making cookies with his Nana!