Monday, May 23, 2011

A Care Package

A care package arrived in the mail today from Lil Raggedy Angie, she knew I was going through a lot with Oliver being in the hopital and she had noticed I had been a little quite  in blogland.  Even Princess had sent me a cupcake picture to brighten my day, she is so sweet and cute.  Decided to hang her art work on my fridge, perfect place.

More goodies for my kitchen, love the pantry cake, will look perfect under my little fly screen.  There were spoons, and a little sugar cone, always wanted one. 

Love the little blessing pillow, the little crow, the table runner and candle, will have to find the perfect place for all these goodies.

She even sent a few items for Olivers room.  Can't wait to start on Olivers room, the little sheep will look just perfect in there.  I love the little flowers, and the eggs also, just lots of really neat goodies.  I have been blessed to have so many friends I have met through my blog, you all have been so kind whenever I post things about Oliver, my handmades, gardens and my decorating, thanks to Lil Raggedy Angie, Princess and to all of my friends, I have been blessed for having met each and every one of you.  Hugs Vicky


  1. Vicky,
    So glad they arrived safely! I hope they brought a lil sunshine into your day, you most definately deserve it ! Have fun finding places for all of them! Enjoy your evening! Hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  2. nice of Angie to send you such a great care package...continued thoughts & prayers for Oliver. Every ounce gained is a victory! ~*~Lisa

  3. How sweet! It doesn't take much to brighten someones day. Those are really nice goodies. Did you see Gabes picture on my blog? He was over 3 months early. Like 13 weeks. He is a chunk now. One day Olives art work will decorate your fridge.

  4. Blog friends are the best.Always there when you need them.Great little surprise!~Amy

  5. What wonderful goodies and the care and thought is even more wonderful!! So glad that your day was brightened!!

  6. What a lovely gesture by Angie!
    Wonderful items to brighten your day!

  7. Very sweet! I am glad that you had a wonderful surprise! Those are nice once in awhile!