Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This past saturday I attended the High Grove Gathering Show put on by Ann (Settler's Crossin) which she has been having for over ten years. It used to be at her old farm house where she also had a shop, which she put on in June and October each year. After her husband died she left the farm and moved into town, since then she has sold the farm. The last couple of years she has set up in a park in the historic town of Ninety Six, S.C. I had the chance to go this year, and of course I was able to find a lot of neat old primitive items to add to my house. I found an old whisk broom to add to my ever growing collection, love the fabric that has been added, just gave it a great old touch.

Over the years I have been buying signs from a certain booth. I just love her signs, this one I think I will be placing in the bathroom, trying to redo that area. Her name is Laine Berger and she has a picturetrail which is www.PictureTrail.com/prairiedogprimitives if you are interested, she said is also does special orders.

Amy (Nanbrook Farm) had a booth set up also, and of course I about loaded up the van just from her booth. My favorite thing I bought from her was this old one leg milk stool, she had turned into a makedo candle holder, I knew the perfect place I was going to be hanging it.

An old cubby I had purchased from her, and little stitched pillow tuck. Trying to decide where to put it, lots of ways you could use it.

Another item she had made was the makedo flower container. Just love the patches she put on it and the date 1868. Will be great to change out the flowers with the seasons. I just loved her booth, she had a lot of makedos she had handmade, just wished I had got a picture of her booth you would have fallen in love with all the primitive handmades.

Ann (Settler's Crossin) had her booth set up with lots of interesting old pieces of furniture and lots of primitive handmades. I decided to get the handmade bear for Oliver's room, just loved the big rag balls made from old fabric. I really liked the little shelf, kind of unique, don't know where I will be putting it, but I could use it all over the house.

I think this was my favorite items I had gotten from Amy. Love the old cutting board, it still has some old green paint on the end of it. Amy said it came out of an old cabinet, remember when some of the old cabinets in the kitchen would have a cutting board which would slide out. The old egg separater was just perfect for my old primitive kitchen. Love the bottles she had made up, just adds that great primitive feel. I also love to collect pinkeeps, this one is made from an ol cup. Now I will just have to find the perfect spot for all my primitive items, now the fun begins. Where will they start out and where will they end up next. Tweaking my favorite thing to do. Well that about sums up what I had found on my primitive adventure this past weekend. Ann will be having another one coming up in October, just love to go you just never know what old primitive item you will find. On another note, I will be closing my booth up next week, after almost four years its time to close that chapter in my life and move on. I have enjoyed doing the booth, but most of all I have found a part of me I didn't know existed, my love of making primitive handmades. I am planning to continue making my handmades, trying to find new ways to sell them, still for shops and maybe even online, when one door closes I feel another one will open. But I think what I value most I have gotten out of having the booth is my starting Green Creek Primitives blog. I would have never have started this if it had not have been for my booth. And I would not have met so many caring, talented women along the way. So what the future holds for Green Creek Primitives is yet to be seen, but I know one thing I want let go of all my hopes and dreams for doing my handmades and taking it to the next level, I have a sense of pride and accomplishment I never thought I would have for something I love so much, the love of old. I have been blessed. Vicky


  1. Hi Vicky, what wonderful treasures you found!! I love that bear for Oliver's room, so nice and prim. I love that make do flower container, I had seen that done before and have an old board picked out if I ever get around to fixing it.
    Thanks for sharing all your great finds!!

  2. Great prim pieces Vicky! Love the cubby!

    And how exciting to be moving on to a new venture. You have such a wonderful style, I'm sure you will do well on whatever path you take.

  3. Vicky
    You gather the best items~ I love all of them~ then I find myself enlarging the pics to take closer loooks!! Wonderful~ simply wonderful!!!

    I wish you the best in the new venture~ what ever you do~ it will be great!!!(I would love for you to sell on line!!)
    Also wanna come over & help me decorate! I think we would have a blast together!!

  4. Good Luck with whatever you do! I hope you will sell online!

  5. Hi Vicky~

    Love everything you bought. The flower holder is my favorite. What a wonderful idea!!

    I would love to see you sell online.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  6. It is all wonderful! I think your home is lovely!
    I like the flower holder too, it's very neat!
    Best of wishes with what you decide to do.

  7. Hi Vicky, love all your new goodies!! And that bear for Oliver's room is just adorable. I don't know what my favorite is b/c I love all the items you picked up!!!

    I am sure you will know what to do with your handmaidens!! It will come you and you'll choose the right decision. God always points us in the right direction.

    Have a great night!!

    P.S. Thanks so much for all the compliments on my garden photo's! I am also very glad I set up my blog b/c I have met so many wonderful women on here also that really make my day when I see comments on my blog posts! Not everyone appreciates old & rusty or just talented decorators so we need to stick together! LOL!


  8. Love all your new goodies !The old cutting board and pin keep are favorites of mine.Best of luck in your decision whatever it may be.Hugs,Jen

  9. Vicky I love all your new things. But that flower holder is awesome. I would love to have one of those.One year I would like to go to her show if I know when it is.