Monday, June 6, 2011

My Gardens

Thought I would try to get my gardens finished before it got to hot, well its already to hot, its been in the upper 90's, but suppose to be in the lower 90's this week, guess I better take advantage of the cooler weather. LOL. Here is one of my favorite large pots that sits outside my den window, I have a sitting area here, and you can see where the weeds have come up through the cracks of the pavers here, need to attend to that, my next thing I am working on this week my sitting areas around my chimney.

This is a old garden I have been wanting to redo for several years, so I thought what the heck and just started digging it out last week. I have filled it with perennials. This is beside a storage building my husband built several years ago. I added two wash tubs my husbands grandmother had, she died a little over a year ago at the age of 103, very special. The bedshelf I had gotten at Nanbrook Farm a while back, just added a few of the bird houses I collect. And of course I had to have a sign with antiques on it, reminds me of my childhood and dad's shop. Can't wait until the flowers fill in the bed better.

Just a few of the flowers I added, fox glove, phlox, salvia and a few other items, including an old chair I picked up for 7 bucks.

Added in a mexican bush sage, I love it when it blooms, I had one and it didn't come back this year, also some varietys of rudbeckia's.

This area is under my kitchen window, I have some varieties of hosta, astible, and hydrangea's. I love the bunny stepping stones here.

Here is a pink astible growing next to some goats beard, it hasn't bloomed yet. An old watering can my aunt Dottie had given me, just one of many she had given me of her collection. Always love to add little touches to my garden, makes them have some interest to them.

This is in the same bed, my annabelle's are blooming really well this year, you can see them from my kitchen window. The purple hydrangea was given to me by my mother-in-law, she had rooted it for me. The old birdbath post was my husbands grandmother's and the rooster sundial I found at hobby lobby, just added a cute touch to the flower bed. And my favorite thing is the iron fencing, reminds me of my trips to Charleston, S.C. and seeing their gardens, many of them through iron gates. We had planned a trip this spring to go to Charleston, but decided to wait until Oliver gets out of the hospital, maybe in the fall we will make the trip. Speaking of Oliver, he is now 3lbs. 1 oz. and is doing well, he has a little breathing problem like he gets to comfortable and forgets to breath, they say it is common among early babies, he will out grow it. Hope to have new pictures soon, well better get back to working on clearing out Oliver's room, we are going to be moving out my antique bed this weekend over to my oldest son's house, Justin. I am going to be buying a crib for that room and then the fun part decorating it. Hope everyone has a great day, oh hope to be posting some of my goodies I have found lately, yes I have been back to Settler's Crossin and to Gibson Mill Antique Mall, really neat stuff I found and a new shop I want to go to soon. Vicky
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  1. Hi Vicky...
    Your gardens look great, so inviting. My fav is the storage shed wall...

    Excited to hear that Oliver is growing, wow, he's made it over the 3# mark! Have fun setting up his room..


  2. Glad to hear Oliver is doing so well.Your blooms are pretty.Can't wait to see what you found! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Vicky, Your gardens look lovely. I adore all the extra touches you have added to them. Love, love the old bed shelf hanging on the building. I am so glad to hear Oliver is doing well. Holly came home at 3 lbs 15 oz. Her dr. had said 4 lbs. but it was on Thanksgiving day and he let her come home anyway. They do forget to breathe. I remember it so well even tho is was almost 28 yrs. ago. It would take her daddy and me both to feed her. She could not suck, breathe at the same time and would turn purple sometime. They send babies home with machines to warn you of stuff now, but back then we just had to do things the old fashion way. A cold cloth on her face, work with the bottom of her feet, etc. Hey,, she
    is a big healthy mommy herself today. Wasn't too long and she caught up and exceled in everything she did. Just hang in there. You have got to be so excited and thankful the little precious baby is doing great. He will be a fighter and tough little trooper. Hugs your way.

  4. Vicky~

    Love seeing your gardens. It's been in the 90's here too. Not much getting done around my yard.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  5. your garden looks lovely ...thanks for sharing
    love those big pots ~

  6. love your flowers~the shed is great too~thanks for sharing!

  7. Vicky, your gradens are off to a wonderful start!!! We are in the 90s & humid here today too... nothing like going from 50s-60-s to 90s.... OLM

  8. Hi! Your gardens are breathtaking! It is hot here also and I need to get out and weed. I am so glad Oliver is doing well. I know you are anxious to keep the little darling! Have a great day...I am cleaning house today....YUK!

  9. Hi, Vicky~ your gardens look wonderful~ so perfect~ love all of your displays so prim pretty!!
    I can look at gardens all day~

  10. Vicky, your gardens are so inviting!! I could sit around my flowers and just stare for hours!! Glad to hear Oliver is getting bigger, tell him to keep packin on the pounds!! Have a great day!!


  11. Hi Vicky, love all your flowers and the goodies on your shed looks awesome!! I just love old stuff here and there in the yard, yours looks great!!
    Have a great day!!

  12. Your gardens looks so nice! Love the bed shelf and that whole wall!

  13. Happy news with Oliver!!! Your going to have so much fun with the room. BEAUTIFUL GARDENS!!!! We are in the mid 90s today too! Nice change from all the snow we had! Have fun in your gardens. My Best ~Kimberly

  14. Vicki, what beautiful flower beds!!!! I love being able to get out and dig into the dirt especially after such a long winter!!! But now with it being so hot I don't enjoy it as much:( I am a fall kind of girl! But we can't complain so luckily for me most of bed have been taken care of and now I can just sit and enjoy looking at them!!!

    Have a great day!