Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well I have been doing a little summer decorating lately with some of my primitive finds. Yes I have been back to Settler's Crossin, good thing I don't live to close we would never eat again. LOL. I had found the cutest little pillow on my last trip down there, it has a little blue bird stitched on it and it reads O Sing Unto the Lord - Annie Frank. Thought it looked cute in a small old chair I had picked up at an antique mall. I just love this area, right under a window next to a chair I usually have my second cup of coffee. Thought it would be nice for Oliver at some point to sit in, may be going to move this table to his room at some point, thats what I love about decorating moving things around, never dull.

I was able to find a few neat things on my last trip to Gibson Mill Antique Mall, there are several primitive booths in there, Amy of Nanbrook Farm has a couple of booths, that is were I found the new table runner, just love the blue trim around it, also found the old tin pitcher at the mall also, just a really huge mall you can get lost in. Ann of Country Heart also has a really nice booth there also. The old trencer came from my aunt, love the little old primitive rolling pin I found, love to collect old looking rolling pins. The little sign says it all "Every moment holds a hidden gift" I really believe that, take time to stop and take in every moment in your life.

I mostly decorate for the seasons, so every three months things get changed out for a new season, keeps things fresh and interesting. I had changed a few items in my primitive stepback cabinet for a summer theme. I found the neatest pair of old childrens skates, made me think of my childhood when I saw them. I added a red checkerboard, I always think of playing checkers on the porch in the summertime. And I found the perfect place for the little pillowtuck Angie had sent me, perfect with the blue ticking.

I have been looking for more blues to add to my summer decorating, I always like and think of blues for some reason in the summer. Last trip to Settler's Crossin I came across an old childrens quilt, with lots of blues on it. Also picked up the little doll with the blue dress on to add that special touch for summer. The large doll, Gardening Martha, I order from Jackie at T.F.C.Folkart, just had to have her because of my love of gardening. Love how she is dressed in an old feedsack, just perfect with the red on it and the little rake, nice summer touch. I didn't have a lot of things for summer decorating, nice to find a few items this year.

I have this doll thing, just can't get enough of the primitive dolls. Ann, Settler's Crossin, told me this one is called "Generations" Just love the mother and her daughter and then the little baby, just different. They add a nice touch in my den area in front of my window where I love to have an afternoon cup of coffee or sweet tea, just a relaxing area. I would love to be able to make such dolls at some point. I just love how they are dressed, nice homespun fabrics and their aprons are really neat.

The bowl rack I love, found it at my first trip to Settler's Crossin, along with the two old painted bowls and the doll, the candlestick was found on my last trip to Tn. It added a nice touch on top of my old blue primitive cabinet. Yes I shop a lot, and my poor hubby drives me there and sits in the car and reads while I go in and spend all my money, nice stress reliever also, love getting lost in those primitive shops. Can't wait until July, we usually take a day trip around our anniversary.

On my last trip to Gibson Mill, its about a two hour trip for us, there was a new primitive booth. Her shop is called Primitive Souls, I found out she has a shop in an old log cabin in Gold Hill, N.C., hoping next time we go up to Gibson Mill we can go on up about another half hour drive to see her shop. She had a really neat booth I purchased two game boards from her, one you see hanging here in my hallway and the other one is a little larger and is done in mustard paint, haven't found a place for it yet. Here I just added the checkerboard with a few blue and red items for a nice summer feel. Well thats all I have to show today, been working on a few other areas of the house for the summer decorating, will show some of it later. Also been working on my sewing room getting ready to start my fall handmades this week, fall will be here before you know it. I also wanted to let you know Oliver is doing well, he is now 3lbs. 3ozs. and is moving around a lot in that little bed, hopefully he will get to come home sometime in July, maybe around my anniversary, now that would be a nice gift. Everyone take care, stay cool if you can, I know a lot of you are having temps in the 90's also. Blessings. Vicky


  1. Hi, Vicky
    so glad to hear Oliver is doing well!!!
    And just so ya know I want to go shopping with you!!! I will not sit in the car~ my hubby does the same or I sit him in a chair in the stores & tell him to wait here & leave me go crazy!!!
    Wonderful finds! Can't find a fav~ love them all & your displays are so inspiring~ I say keep shopping~ we don't need stress~ LOL

  2. Hi Vicky, I just love all your new prims!!! You are so lucky to have a husband who will drive you around to all the places!!! I am hoping someday my husband will get my prim addiction!
    Shopping releives my stress alot and it feels so good to come home and put out your new goodies!!!
    Your displays are stunning you have a knack for that my friend!!!

    Glad to hear Oliver is gaining weight and hope he gets to join you at home in July!!! Once he's older he'll be blessed to have a new friend Banjo to play with! One of the best things a child can have is a dog to love them!!!

    Have a great day!

  3. Gorgeous displays Vicky! Love the little chair for Oliver.

  4. Hi Vicky~

    Love all your wonderful displays!!

    Happy to hear Oliver is growing more & more each day.


  5. Vicky I wish we lived closer so we could go shopping together. You bought wonderful prim goodies! I know what you mean when you go to those shops and forget about everything cause it is so much fun even if you don't buy anything.

  6. Love, Love Love! MY fav is the black doll holding the rake. I also love going on shopping trips...even if it is just for our store! Take care, Janice

  7. Vicky.....I want to go shopping with you and Teresa! I love all of your prims! Wow beautifully displayed too! Your home is Perfect! :-)

  8. Hi Vicky, I just LOVE all your prims!! So much eye candy I'll have to look several times!! I have a thing for prim dolls and game boards too, in fact I have a thing for just about everything prim.8-)
    So glad Oliver is doing well!!

  9. Again HOW did I miss this post? LOL! Love the dolls! I cannot get enough either, I am like Lorna, it's an addiction! LOL! Everything is beautiful and I hope that you have a great week!