Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #3

Well it has been three days of being in the house with almost seven inches of snow.  I was actually looking forward to being at home.  I got about seven bunnies stuffed and ready to finished.  I have rearranged a few things around the house.  Found a place in the hall for that blue cabinet I got at Nanbrook Farm last week, and of course I found plenty of things to fill it up.  And you know how it goes moving one item leads to redoing the whole house.  The box I am taking to the antique mall is growing, of course you know what that means, I have made more room for more treasures to find. If I ever get to leave the house again, or as my daughter-in -law put this morning, it was time for the snow to melt, she missed Target.  I know how she feels, I am ready to hit the road again.  Why is it when I am gone to much away from the house, I want to be at home, and when I have been home, I want to leave the house.  Well at least the mailman made here today, may have to put on my ice skates just to get to the mailbox.  Maybe those bunny patterns have arrived.  Vicky

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