Friday, January 7, 2011

Day trip

Thursday I went up to Ann's shop, Country Heart to take back items that did not sell over the holidays.  I picked out a few items to bring back for the booth.  Our shelves in our booth looked real empty when I took down the christmas items.  Ann is waiting on shipments to come in and I will be going back to pick up more items.  Ann's country items make the booth look so nice.  And I had to pick out some items for my house while I was there, can't come home emptied handed, Ifound a horse sign, a heart makedo, and a small primitive picture.  After that I left and went up to Lincolnton, to Amy's shop, Nanbrook Farm.  I found some interesting items out of one of her trailers, a hanging cabinet and a couple of shelves I can use at the mall.  Well I might keep the cabinet.  I loaded up on fabric for making all those bunnies ahead of me.  And I found some goodies of course for me.  I was looking for samplers, I found three good ones and some rag balls. I had left my balls last time I was up there.  I always find lots of good stuff at Amy's.  Looking forward to her Spring open house on March 19th.  Well it was such a pretty day for a drive up to N.C.  I enjoyed the shopping and always ejoy visiting with Ann and Amy.  Can't wait to the next one day trip.  Now to find the perfect place for my new goodies.   Vicky

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