Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pictures of the happy dog family

Sadie, our yellow lab will be six years old next month. She had five puppies, and sometime late friday afternoon she had her sixth one. Five girls and a boy. All are doing fine, here they are all piled up in a bunch. Will be posting more pictures as the grow. Vicky
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  1. Hi, Vicky
    Mom is so pretty!The pups so sweet!oh, I had to enlarge the pic~ so silky black!

  2. They are so darned cute! And so big! Our puppies were about the size of a bratwurst!
    I love them! They will be so much fun!
    BTW~ I hate word verification !

  3. Congratulations Vicky! They sure are a healthy little bunch. I like the pic of them just resting and thinking about all the trouble they can get into in future months. ;) You are going to be having so much fun watching these little girls and guy grow. I look forward to seeing them on your blog.

    Brenda :)

  4. Vicky-

    I'm in love! Looks like mom is very proud! They are so much fun!


  5. Vicky, love them, want them all!!! So love labs!!! can't wait to see more pictures! OLM