Friday, February 18, 2011


Well been busy last two days, Sadie our yellow lab started having her pups yesterday morning.  Sadie is six years old and this is her first litter.  She had already had one when we went out yesterday morning in her box my husband had built for her.  Later we had let her out for a moment to go to the bathroom, she had one in the yard, husband had to help get that one back to box.  He went back again to check on her and saw a puppy on the outside of the fence.  Somehow he got through that fence and was cold, we had to bring him in and warm him up.  She didn't have anymore that afternoon, thought she was finished.  Two girls and one boy.  This morning when he went out she had two more, one was in the box and the other was outside the box and was not moving much, and was very cold.  My husband come running with it and put it in a heating pad.  She got to moving around finally wanting to nurse.  She is back out with her mother.  So we have three girls and one boy and one we don't know,  it was in the box and didn't disturb it this morning They are all black no yellow ones.  Hope to get pictures of Sadie and her pups over the weekend, will post pictures of the happy family.  Vicky


  1. Sounds like she may have a little trouble with getting her maternal instincts going. Labs usually have huge litters. Be glad she only had these few. Keep a close eye on them in case you need to supplement their feeding. A premie baby bottle will work fine, use canned milk. Is she cleaning them up? Staying in the box? Our dogs wouldn't leave their box except to potty and the first couple days, they had to be pushed out the door. They were so defensive of the pups.
    Good luck! Puppies are so much fun. I miss having them around! We raised mini-dachshunds for 10 years. It was great!
    BTW~I hate word verification.

  2. Congrats on the pups~ so glad to hear the one is okay~ ruff start~
    can't wait to see pics!

  3. If you post pictures I WILL NOT be able to control myself..I will have to drive down to you and buy one!....we love Labs..we have Howie, our yellow lab and in July we lost Old Dexter..he was 13.... Enjoy you the puppies!

  4. Puppies are so cute..can't wait to see them.