Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Display Chain Bowls

Misi over at 1890 is having her display chain on bowls this week. I have never done any of her display chains, so I thought I would try this weeks. I have lots of bowls, have always collected them especially the wooden ones. In this picture this bowl is from a friend of mine and I added a rabbit I just got from Brenda and the rusty thimble.
This bowl in in a bowl rack one of the girls husband makes that is in the antique mall with me. I added a old mason jar that has a glass lid on it that my father gave me. The fish tail bottle was a gift from my aunt when my uncle died. My father had given it to him.
These bowls are displayed in a blue bowl rack I just got from Tisha at Loafer Mountain.
This old yellow bowl was a gift from my father, I added some of my whisk broom collection to it. The little doll is a T.F.C. folkart bee doll. I just love bowls, I love anything you can put things into.
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  1. Prim Perfect displays.I enjoyed each one.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Enjoyed your displays. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower~just found you through Misi's display chain.

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  3. these displays are gorgeous! They could be in a magazine!

  4. I love all these displays! So prim!

  5. Love your bowls. I know you must treasure the bowl your father gave you. You and your dad must have been really close.

  6. Love your bowls and prim displays.


  7. love that blue bowl rack! i just got a collection of whisk brooms started. they look wonderful in the bowl! :)

  8. Love your displays!Love the homey feeling of it all...have a wonderful day......