Friday, February 11, 2011

Mercantile Gatherings

Well just got my Mercantile Gatherings magazine.  It  is loaded with gardens and really nice pictures for those decorating ideas.  Has several patterns also, bunnies and angels.  Looking forward to sitting down later and getting some new decorating ideas.  Have you ever been in the mood to move furniture from one room to the next?  Thats the mood I have been in lately, just shake it all up.  Guess I have been in the house too long this winter.... I went up to the mall this morning and move some things around.  Added in a few items, I have been selling things out of my house so I can have more of the primitive things I love.  Took Anns things I had gotten from her when I went to her shop,  Country Heart, on Monday.  I took a few pictures, will post later, my cameras battery was low, so did't get as many as I wanted to take.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, suppose to be in the 60's here.  I think I will go out and soak up some of that sun, and read my magazine on my bench, ah yes can't beat that.  Vicky


  1. Just picked my Mercantile Gatherings up from the mailbox a little while ago. Will be a good Friday night read. Can't wait to start on Spring decorating. Suppose to get up in the low 60's during the daytime this weekend and beginning of the week. Just might have to get started. The weather is teasing us with Spring. Have a good weekend.

  2. I'm anxiously awaiting my Mercantile Gatherings, maybe tomorrow. I feel like rearrange right now too. I did a bit, but it wasn't enough. My house is so empty right now, I don't have much to move. Have a great weekend, I'm jealous it's going to be so warm there.